February 25, 2006

New Atrocities To Be Committed Against our Troops

No it isn’t some secret military operation that the MSM is leaking, nor is it a blatantly false report of some abuse committed against Islam by one of our troops that is going to get our troops killed it is a single woman who is so deranged with her hatred of President Bush that she is planning on protesting the use of a Military Hospital caring for wounded troops. Yes the uber-Bush-hater Cindy Sheehan is going to Germany to protest outside of Landstuhl Army Medical Center (LRMC.) LRMC is the first stop for wounded troops coming from Iraq or Afghanistan so that they can be stabilized before sending them to the states or keep them there for treatment. This is also the main place that most dependents get care as well.

Cindy who says she is going to Germany to talk about US Foreign Policy will also be at Landstuhl/Ramstein to call attention to the fact that Germany is Europe’s logistical hub for the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and others threatening Iran and the Middle East,” according to an event flier. “Germany has the power to stop the further use of U.S. bases in Germany for illegal wars and criminal methods of warfare — the power and the right to just say no!” (Source)

Just say NO? Excuse me bitch! Perhaps you forgot that the men and women in those hospital beds have already served their duty, and for you to be out in front of their windows protesting and demanding that the German Government renege on its 40 years of agreements and contracts is reprehensible at best! Its cowardly to boot, its one thing entirely to protest in front of able bodied men and women but to take your dog and pony show to those who can’t respond is just down right cowardly, of course I would expect nothing less from you. Stand in front of President Bush as much as you want, but stand in front of those who have given more of themselves than you will ever imagine and we’ve got problems.

Perhaps you need a little history lesson about why your son was a much better person than you. Lets start right here: Army Specialist Casey Sheehan - Someone You Should (Have) Know(n)

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