February 23, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 02/23/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

GayPatriotWest at Gay Patriot writes Send David Gregory to Antarctica? “Last week, at the height of the media frenzy over the White House’s failure to cater to their every whim in informing the MSM about the Vice President’s hunting mishap, I suggested to a reader that if NBC News were serious about providing balanced coverage of the Administration, they would relieve its White House correspondent David Gregory of his current duties and replace him with someone less excitable. Since the White House is the plum berth to which all reporters aspire, it would seem that if a White House correspondent acts is a less than a professional matter, he should be dispatched to a less prestigious post…”

Paul writing at Wizbang posts Arab Company, Administration had "Super Secret" Agreement “And this year's award for the most misleading headline goes to... the Associated Press. Check out this headline: Arab Co., White House Had Secret Agreement. That damned secretive White House at it again. First Cheney, now this... Tonight we learn the administration had a "Secret Agreement" with the Arab company they sold the ports to. Or then again, maybe not....”

Ian at Expose the Left has Laura Ingraham on Scarborough: Iraq (VIDEO) “Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham appeared on Scarborough Country tonight to talk about her recent trip to Iraq, in which she spent a week with our brave men and women fighting over there. Laura said that she is confident that things are going well and will continue to go well. She also says that the troops do not agree that people can not support the mission but support them…”

Crazy Politco writes Great Minds Think Alike “Last night I went over to Chatterbox Chronicles, and responded to a commenter on the idea that the west shouldn't have published the cartoons of Mohammed. He had posted the following: ‘I’m going to disagree with you about posting the pictures. I think the reality of the situation has to be taken into concern.’ My response was this:..”

Andi of Andi's World writes On a Collision Course With Reality “Malcolm A. Kline of Accuracy in Academia highlights some worthy observations about liberal domination on our college campuses, and how the new media is putting a crimp in the style of the old media. On a daily basis we hear of outrageous behavior on our college campuses, whether it be students harassing our military recruiters or professors cramming their radical political agendas down the throats of students. Kline reminds us that the protesters of the 60s are now professors at many of our universities...”

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