June 26, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 06/26/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Some Soldier’s Mom writes If Dirt Were $$$$ “If Dirt Were Dollars (with apologies to Don Henley) I’m on a tear here. Two rants in four days… I have been thinking -- ok, fuming -- about this most recent New York Times infringement and self-serving proclamation that the reporter and editor of some yellow fringed newspaper has a greater authority than the President and people in the government we elected to decide things like what is necessary for the national security.” (read more)

Expose the Left has Rutherford Institute To Defend Brittany McCombs’ Free Speech “Isn’t it ironic that it was probably the fear of a lawsuit that prompted the school to censor Brittany’s speech in the first place? It is sad that our culture, including many Christians, have bought into the politically correct culture and allow this censorship to go on. It has gotten to the point that our First Amendment has been turned on its head by activist lawyers like the ACLU.” (read more)

Jay Tea at Wizbang writes What if they gave a war and only one side came? “One of the more tired cliche's of the left is "what if they gave a war and nobody came?" Like most ideas from that crowd, it's a nice, fluffy, warm, fuzzy thought that makes you feel good, and has absolutely no bearing on reality. What usually happens is one side decides that it believes in something enough to fight for it, and the other side has to choose whether it wants to fight or yield.” (read more)

GayPatriot of Gay Patriot writes Iraq IS Vietnam — To Democrats and the News Media
“Jack Kelly writes a spot-on piece at RealClearPolitics about the Leftist propaganda war in Vietnam and now in Iraq. It really makes you question — do American Liberals and their co-conspirators in the American news media want us to lose in Iraq? And if we do, are they prepared to face the consequences of that loss by a resurgent al-Qaeda that will strike our allies and our nation?” (read more)

Dafydd at Big Lizards writes The InSpecter General “Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA, 63%) announced on Fox News Sunday that he and la Casablanca were nearing "agreement" on a bill to gift the president with the power he already has via the Constitution.
That's mighty big of him.” (read more)

Blackfive writes Will Some General Officer Speak Out “Personally, I've been waiting for LTG Mattis to say something...Retired Marine Officer Steve Clayton sends this plea out via Seamus to find some General with the cojones to say something to the Murthas:” (read more)

Captain Ed writes Palistinians Claim WMD Capability “The Fatah terrorist faction has claimed the capability of chemical and biological weapons and has threatened Israel with a WMD attack, according to the Jerusalem Post. Leaflets distributed in the Gaza Strip state that the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has spent the last three years developing the capabilty, the start of which seems oddly coincidental to the fall of Saddam Hussein (via Reliapundit):” (read more)

Ray Robison writing at FOXNews and his own blog writes Was Saddam Regime a Broker for Terror Alliances? “Newly declassified documents captured by U.S. forces indicate that Saddam Hussein's inner circle not only actively reached out to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan and terror-based jihadists in the region, but also hosted discussions with a known Al Qaeda operative about creating jihad training "centers," possibly in Baghdad.” (read more)

Mohammed at Iraq the Model writes Seven militant groups accpet al-Maliki's offer “So far, everybody in Iraq feels good about Maliki's plan and expressed their hopes for it to meet success and ease the suffering of the Iraqi people; everybody except for the Sadrists and the association of Muslim scholars who both criticized the plan and said it wasn't acceptable and expected it to fail.” (read more)

WO1 Michael Fay writes Quick, Hand Me the Ducktape! “Well, the Democratic slight of hand, as predicted, begins. The Washington Post today, in an article titled Democrats Site Report on Troop Cuts in Iraq, heavily quotes Dem spokesmodel Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif). She says (get ducktape out now and begin wrapping your head):” (read more)

Dadmanly writes No Time for the Times “Please, please, please, please. If you currently subscribe to the New York Times, cancel your subscription. Don’t buy it, discourage anyone you know from buying it. It is the primary mouthpiece of sworn enemies of the United States, and happy to be so. If you care about the national security of the United States, cancel your subscription. If you think Americans need to be Americans first before we start yielding our freedoms to those in the world who hate and despise us, cancel your subscription.” (read more)

Pam of Iraq War Today writes A Hero's Tale “Today marks our units 125th day in Iraq and the days are dwindling fast. The Marines here have been working hard to keep the flight line running and insurgents from planting road side bombs and various other tedious tasks. I want to share a moment when a Marine from our unit really had a gut check and to tell you how serious road side bombs can be here.” (read more)

T.F.Boggs writes Letter to NY Times “I recently wrote a letter to the NY Times in response to their decision to print information concerning a U.S. secret program designed to track financial transactions of suspected terrorists. I'll post the letter in full below. I urge everyone to write to the NY Times and their congressmen and let them know how you feel about the NY Times yet again sharing secret information with America's enemies.” (read more)

American Citizen Soldier writes OPERATION ENDURING BOREDOM - EPISODE XIII “We leave Kabul today, nearly two full months older, bolder, and wiser. 2nd Platoon has now officially spent more time here than at our battalion’s main camp at FOB Salerno. The FOB is going to feel like a foreign country (!) when we step off the bird. It’ll be interesting to see how it’s changed in the interim.” (read more)

Bandit36 writes Best. News. Ever! “On 25 June 2006, at 1750 local time in Mannheim, Germany, my son Mark entered this world! After roughly 36 hours of labor, the doctors decided that he was too big for a natural birth and opted for a C-section, after which both Mark and my sweetie are doing fine.” (read more)

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