August 24, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 08/24/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Some Soldier’s Mom writes Through the Mind... Darkly “Isn't it amazing how certain simple phrases can evoke such intense emotions? ‘I love you.’ ‘Will you marry me?’ ‘It’s a boy.’ ‘ Head up, ass down, son.’ ‘Your son has been wounded in a VBIED attack.’
Yup. That about covers it. But it’s the last one that stabs at me to this day. Just saying those words will bring tears to my eyes… alarm to my heart… pain to my spirit. It was a year ago that my view of the world was skewed:” (read more)

GayPatriot of GayPatriot writes Hillary Holding Up AIDS Funding “Sen. Hillary Clinton is taking up where her husband left off. During President Bill Clinton’s term, he repeatedly “zeroed-out” AIDS funding his the Presidential Budget he sent up to Congress. You never heard much about it, because it was the post-1995 Republican-controlled Congress (mostly thanks to then Rep. Tom Coburn and Sen. Arlen Specter) that restored and increased funding each year. Well, here’s what Hillary is up to now — threatening renewal of the Ryan White Act.” (read more)

Sachi of Big Lizards writes Read All About It! (Just Not In the MSM...) “The training of Iraqi security forces, both the New Iraqi Army and the Iraqi police, seems to have fallen off the front pages of the antique media. There is a good reason for this: it's going very well. ‘If it bleeds, it leads;’ but that means that if it's good news, newspapers, magazines, and broadcast news just aren't interested. Don Henley was right: it's ‘give us dirty laundry!’” (read more)

Captain Ed writes Dueling Nuclear Surprises “The Jerusalem Post hints that Iran will unveil a nuclear "surprise" in the next few weeks, but the Israelis may have beaten them to it. This comes as the fragile consensus at the UN Security Council on Iranian defiance appears to have unraveled … Given the hype over the supposedly apocalyptic impact of August 22nd, it's difficult to get too excited over this latest assertion. The only surprise that Iran could possibly unveil is a functional nuclear device -- and many already figure they have at least a few. Perhaps the only way we could be surprised is if the Iranians renounce the uranium enrichment that has the UNSC threatening sanctions.” (read more)

Erick at RedState writes Is John McCain Running in '08 From a Third Party? “What do Air America Radio, Barack Obama's Senate campaign, the Clinton Global Initiative, Democratic gubernatorial candidate John DeStefano in Connecticut, the campaign of Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm in Michigan,, Rock the Vote, which is the online activism hub of the Service Employees International Union, and, the personal blog of Rosie O'Donnell have in common with John McCain?” (read more)

Andi of Andi’s World writes Mr. President, We Deserve Better “After reading the story below, I became frustrated. Over the past year, I've grown increasingly more agitated over the inability, or refusal, of President Bush and his administration to get in front of the news cycle when it comes to Operation Iraqi Freedom. This administration has lost the information war, and it's an expensive loss.” (read more)

Allahpundit writes E&P editor attacks bloggers over Reutersgate (Update: Zombie explodes the ambulance incident) “I was going to make the title, “E&P editor attacks bloggers over Reutersgate, misrepresents pretty much everything,” but his article’s only the first of two parts. So perhaps the misrepresentations will be addressed in today’s exciting conclusion. Although I wouldn’t bet on it. Let’s begin by quoting from a piece I’ve asked you to read three times now. It’s David Perlmutter, professor of photojournalism and author of two books on the subject, writing last week in, ironically, E&P:” (read more)

Tom The Redhunter writes The Nature of our Enemy, Part II: A Problem in Islam
“The simple fact is that there is a problem within Islam. Islam has a problem with hate and violence, and for the most part it is not being addressed by Muslim leaders. Quite the opposite; for the most part there are all too many Muslim teachers, leaders, and schools who teach and promote hateful doctrines. This, in and of itself, is not an insuperable difficulty. There are those in Christianity, such as Fred Phelps, who teach hateful doctrines. The problem with regard to Islam is that one, the problem is so widespread; two, that very few moderate Muslims act in a concerted, coherent fashion to save their religion; and three, that the Western doctrine of multiculturalism prevents many of us from recognizing, much less doing something about the problem.” (read more)

Dadmanly writes Seasons “...[A]s a consequence of these unfolding events, Mrs. Dadmanly and I have done a lot of soul searching. We are in a particular place and time, emotionally and spiritually. We confront the consequences of my deployment to Iraq, our 18 month separation, and changes. My changes, her changes, Little Manly’s changes. “There is a season,” the writer of the Old Testament Book Ecclesiates, “and to everything a purpose under heaven.” A most strange and passing wondrous season in our lives. I’ve been struggling to capture a mess of feelings and impressions, most recently with this post. Mrs. Dadmanly experienced what she describes as revelatory – for those who don’t share our religious beliefs, call it inspired awareness – and she writes, as follows.” (read more)

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