August 31, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 08/31/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Kobayashi Maru writes Ohmeed Aziz Popal - Hyper-Distributed Self-Recruiting Terrorism? “You've just left a Jewish Community Center in a heavily Jewish neighborhood in San Francisco when a young Afghani Muslim man drives over you and 13 others with his SUV just "because he just wanted to". He describes himself as a terrorist to arresting officers at the scene. They choose to ignore his stated motivation. Most of you have heard the story by now. Hate crime? Terrorism? A random, mentally ill kook?” (read more)

Allahpundit has Video: Hackett calls Dan Senor ‘Unterfuhrer’ “First, Kasich is mistaken. Hackett doesn’t favor an immediate withdrawal. Second, if you thought he was a nutroots hearthrob before, wait until they get a load of this. Venom — straight, no chaser.” (read more)

Jay Tea of Wizbang writes Money talks, BS prattles on “There's an old variant of The Golden Rule: He with the gold makes the rules. Right now, one of the biggest gold-holders on the Left is billionaire felon and moonbat "financier and philanthropist" is George Soros, who signs the paychecks (indirectly, of course) of some of the Left's most strident voices. And this morning he got the Boston Globe (owned by the New York Times) to publish his vision of just what happened in Lebanon recently -- and how it relates to his own view of the War on Terror.” (read more)

Captain Ed writes Democratic Purity Campaign Hits Black Incumbents As Well “The Washington Times reports that the campaign to unseat the solidly liberal Joe Lieberman from the Senate for his opposition to the war is no isolated incident, nor are representatives of the Democrats' most loyal constituency immune from the purity purge. Black incumbents in the house have also been targeted in primary campaigns for insufficient party loyalty and supposedly conservative sympathies, none of which has to do with the war:” (read more)

Omar of Iraq the Model writes A tale of two tribes, a gang and a militia... “Is it civil war in Iraq or is it not? And if it is, is there a way to stop it and if it's not, is there a way to avert it? Who's to blame for the sectarian violence and who's escalating it? And what role foreign terror groups like al-Qaeda is playing in this regard? Is it possible that foreign terrorists, with their numbers estimated to be between several hundreds to a few thousands, were/are capable of inflicting so much damage and taking the lead in provoking sectarian strife in a country of 28 millions?” (read more)

Jack Army writes FOB Life “Being the senior enlisted Soldier on the FOB means I have lots of responsibility... and lots of decisions to make. Here's where I'm fortunate: 1. I have a boss who gives me plenty of room to make those decisions and trusts me. 2. I have a good bunch of NCO's who can take the initiative and make many decisions on their own, then inform me of what is going on.” (read more)

Michelle Malkin writes Assassination chic “The penultimate chapter of my book Unhinged was titled "Assassination chic." I explored the popular genre of "Kill Bush" literature, talk radio rhetoric, and art on the Left devoted to fantasies about murdering President Bush and Republicans, including: Sarah Vowell's best-selling murder travelogue of assassinated Republican presidents, Assassination Vacation; Nicholson Baker's Checkpoint, a novella conversation between two people about the advisability of assassinating the president; [and] "Art" exhibits like this one: (read more)

Chickenhawk Express writes And They Still Claim the Pics Were Not Staged “If a photo of a terrorist taking a dead child out of a body bag to use as a photo prop at Qana is discovered, would anyone care? If a video is located that shows without any doubt one of the most "famous" scenes from Qana from set up to finished product, would it get noticed? The answer to both questions is a resounding "NO". The media claims it is a "right-wing conspiracy". Even the blogs that went crazy about the Reuters enhanced smoke photos have been silent on both of those issues.” (read more)

Heidi of Euphoric Reality writes A Marine’s Letter To His Father “We’ve spent a lot of time here at ER defending the Innocent 8 - or Pendleton 8, as they’ve also been called. We celebrated a major victory in their Article 32 hearings last night (unfortunately you missed it if you weren’t tuned in to our radio show). The prosecution was spanked - badly - and we’re gloating about that. But even more importantly, we’re thrilled that the death penalty has been taken off the table - since the possibility of killing our Marines for killing the enemy in Iraq was too horrifying to even contemplate.” (read more)

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