September 27, 2006

Web Reconnaissance for 09/27/2006

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention.

Crazy Politico writes Context is Everything “Thanks, Washington Post, for a link to the whole declassified document from the National Intelligence Estimate. By posting that link, you make it easier to look through it, and your sensationalized headlines. Once again proving that context is everything, you made available the information to rip apart your own skewed editorials. While the Post, and others have great headlines about how the war in Iraq is fueling terrorism, the NIE judgments finish the story. For instance, we've all stuff like this since Sunday:” (READ MORE)

Ian of Hot Air writes Report: 7-11 dumps Citgo (Update: Dropped before) “WFLA of Orlando, FL is reporting: ‘…Janey Carpenter, Manager of Consumer Affairs that states 7-11 Stores are ending their 20-year supply agreement with CITGO Petroleum Corp. According to Carpenter, the contract ends next week and 7-11 is now making the switch to its own branded gasoline. The company says the change has nothing to do with derogatory comments made last week by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at the United Nations.’”(READ MORE)

Hugh Hewitt writes The NIE and the Chumps at the NYT “Keep in mind that the National Intelligence Estimate, portions of which were declassified today --hailed by the New York Times on Sunday as "a consensus view of the 16 disparate spy services inside government"-- begins its "Key Judgments" section this way: ‘United States-led counterterrorism efforts have seriously damaged the leadership of al-Qa'ida and disrupted its operations; however, we judge that al-Qaida will continue to pose the greatest threat to the Homeland and US interests abroad by a single terrorist organization.’”(READ MORE)

Atlas Shrugs writes THIRD NIGHT Muslim Rioting in the Capital of Europe “The courageous Paul Belian of Brussels Journal writes of three nights of Ramadan rioting in Europe's capital city. Note that the international mainstream media have all but ignored it. And the riots are barely mentioned by their own (Belgium) press as well. Read it all. Paul Belian is a personal hero of mine. A man who speaks truth to power at his own peril. The attempts to silence him for writing of the islamofascists speaks volumes to the environment in Europe.” (READ MORE)

Sachi writing at Big Lizards writes The Gatekeeper Effect, or, If Iraq Is Getting Better, Why Does the News Keep Getting Worse? “During the interview with in Jim Lehrer News Hour on PBS, Army Gen. John Abizaid, commander of U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM), said the situation in Iraq is getting better. But how can that be, when the news reports sectarian violence is getting worse everyday? Just this morning, I heard on the radio that the last two months were "the worst for the Iraqis since the Iraq war started." This sentiment is reflected in the recent USA Today/Gallup poll, which showed that 72% of likely voters believe that "civil war" is occurring in Iraq right now (in the link, scroll down to Gallup). If things are getting better, why do we hear so much about the violence? Gen. Abizaid explains.” (READ MORE)

Froggy writing at Blackfive writes Recruiting Terrorists “Is it just me, or do you find it puzzling how people are unable to make the simplest of logical assumptions when it comes to just about anything in this country? It seems that every day on the news we are treated to the results of some brilliant scientist's research study that states the obvious after spending millions in grant money. Did you know that children who live in homes with alcoholic crack addicts who own guns are 10 times as likely to shoot themselves accidentally as children that go to northeastern college prep schools? Really, you don't say?” (READ MORE)

Captain Ed writes The Real NIE Revelations “The Bush administration's decision to declassify the conclusions of the National Intelligence Estimate yesterday revealed two truths about politics and the intelligence community, neither of which appear very complimentary. First, the Democrats allowed themselves to get outfoxed on national security yet again by allowing themselves to get hysterical and seriously misrepresent the conclusions of the NIE. As the Washington Post reports, Democrats made a lot of extraordinary claims about the NIE, which the report itself doesn't support:” (READ MORE)

Michelle Malkin writes OperaRage: Idomeneo and Islam “The first thing to remember when reading about the cancellation of Mozart's Idomeneo in Germany and the opera house Deutsche Oper's kowtowing to Islamic bullies is that jihadists hate Western art and music. They hate love songs. They hate Muslim female pop stars. They hate church frescos. And poems. And illustrations of poems. And, uh, you know how they feel about cartoons. So it doesn't take much to get them worked up.” (READ MORE)

Smash writes Breaking Bread with My Brothers “Some of you are hitting this site regularly, waiting with great anticipation for my latest report on the Friday Code Pink protest outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center. You're waiting in vain. I wasn't at Walter Reed on Friday. Instead, I had dinner with my family. No, not my blood family; I dined with my military brothers and sisters, many of whom are missing a limb or two. That's right: instead of rallying to express support for our wounded warriors outside Walter Reed, I broke bread with them at the Capitol Hill Club.” (READ MORE)

Jay of Stop the ACLU writes House Passes Public Expression Of Religion Act: 244 to 173 “Well, we are half way there! Now the legislation needs to pass the Senate. This will be more difficult to do, so we continue to need all of the support we can get. The roll call is in from the House and its not good news for the ACLU! The bill, H.R. 2679, would deny legal fees and out-of-pocket expenses to be taken from taxpayers and put into the pockets of groups like the ACLU when they successfully sue against references to God and religion in public settings, has passed by a vote of 244-173!” (READ MORE)

Tom The Redhunter writes Support the Troops Weekend - After Action Report “There were two main events: Friday evening September 22 outside of Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC, and Saturday afternoon, September 23, at the Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument, also in Washington DC. Support the Troops 2006 was sponsored by, the DC Chapter of, Military Families Voice of Victory, and the Protest Warriors. I'm not sure if I'm officially a member of FreeRepublic but I've got a Freeper screen name and have participated in most of their events over the past year so I suppose that's good enough.” (READ MORE)

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