December 29, 2006

Stuck Between Worlds

Stuck between worlds have you ever felt that pull before?

That is exactly how I feel today especially after reading two posts this morning. Those posts are by Jules Crittenden and they are must reads…the first a moving story about the widows of soldiers about to become mothers.

The second; his thoughts as Saddam comes to the end of his days.

It’s the second that brought back the most memories, the knowledge that people you called friends will no longer be around ever, because they thought that the cause of freedom was more important that rolling over and letting "them" win. Because the person they went after wasn't a true leader but rather a coward found hiding in a hole in the ground. To make matters worse our leaders back home, at least some of them, find that standing up for the enemy is a better way to end their days than standing up for their country.

When we watch Saddam come to the end of his days we find ourselves stuck between worlds so to speak, and we begin to question our memories. Did Sgt. Michael Stokely really die on that August day? Did Sgt Plumadore? Lcpl Higgins, Capt Dennison, Lt Siedel, Cpl Corniel, Sgt Duplantier? Did they all really die or where those dreams of a time past a time so seemingly long ago that its hard to be sure if they are memories or nightmares, or both? And the answer is yes they did, but it’s the good in all of their lives that we remember, that we cherish and honor, for honor is the reward for what you give: and they gave all.

Someday soon Saddam will come to the end of his days, and in that moment a new world will begin, not a better world, and hopefully not worse, but a different world. The dreams will still come in the night and some times when we are alone driving somewhere, and we will honor the memory of our fallen brothers and sisters because the man they went after is finally gone, and we will continue the mission because there are still other men out there that are far worse.

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