August 29, 2007

Another VBIED Defeated by a Tip

A tip from an Iraqi Citizen helped police in Kirkuk defeat two car bombs that were placed to target not only Iraqi Security Forces but also innocent civilians:

KIRKUK, Iraq – Iraqi Police received tips from a local citizen which thwarted insurgent efforts to detonate two car bombs targeting security forces and innocent citizens in Kirkuk city, Aug. 26.

Police discovered one of the vehicles while responding to a separate attack on an Emergency Services Unit patrol while a second vehicle was discovered after a concerned citizen phoned in a suspicious truck in the neighborhood.

Iraqi police from the Meghdad police station had responded to an improvised explosive device detonation on the ESU patrol, when an officer identified a suspicious vehicle parked in the vicinity. The police called additional ESU forces and expanded their cordon to include the suspect vehicle. The vehicle detonated prior to the arrival of an Iraqi explosive ordnance team, but caused no casualties or damage.

Police were later alerted by a citizen’s phone call through the Provincial Joint Coordination Center of a second car bomb north of the first incident. Both police and an Iraqi explosive ordnance team responded and confirmed the vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. The Iraqi team conducted a controlled detonation of the vehicle resulting in no casualties and minor damage to a nearby store.

Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment were alerted after the local Iraqi Security Forces had managed both sites.

“We’ve seen a growing capability from the police to coordinate among their own units to deal with these threats,” said Capt. Sean Lucas, commander for C Company, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry. “The cooperation between the Iraqi police, ESU, and EOD demonstrates not only a concern for the security of the people, but their ability to provide that security.”

The security forces ability to provide security for the populace is improving at an amazing pace everyday. Combined with teh tips that come in everyday about insurgent activity its almost mind boggling that some people can still ignore that the surge is working and the security situation in Iraq is improving daily.

As I've said before when the populace decides that it is safer for them to support Coalition and Iraqi Security Forces instead of the insurgents then the war will be won. Everyday more and more Iraqis make that decision, and soon there will be no place for the enemy to hide.

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