September 28, 2007

Attack “will not weaken good people”

Ra’ad Hameed Al-Mula Jowad Al-Tamimi the Diyala Governor made a statement on Wednesday about the recent bombing of the Sunni and Shiite leader in Baqouba earlier this week saying that the attack, "would not weaken good people or keep them from doing their jobs."

BAQOUBA, Iraq – The governor of Diyala Province, Ra’ad Hameed Al-Mula Jowad Al-Tamimi, made a short statement on Wednesday evening from his home in response to Monday night’s suicide bombing at a reconciliation meeting between Sunni and Shiite leaders in Baqouba, stating that “this man with hate in his heart…would not weaken good people or keep them from doing their jobs.”

The suicide bombing took place outside a mosque in Shifta, a village of Baqouba, killing 24 Iraqis and wounding 37 others. Following the Ramadan post-fast evening meal.

Senior Iraqi provincial leaders and Coalition Forces from Diyala were conducting a reconciliation meeting when the attack took place.

Gov. Ra’ad, who received minor injuries in the blast, offered his condolences to the killed, wounded and their families, stating, “To the believers and their families who were killed and wounded during this holy month of Ramadan: May Allah keep them and give them peace.”

“Everyone agreed that the title of our meeting would be ‘peace.’ The meeting’s goal was to be reconciliation.

This man with hate in his heart had the devil in control of him.

He changed the meeting from a place of brotherhood to what it is now,” stated Gov. Ra’ad. “But he will not weaken the good people of Diyala, who will continue to do their good work that must be done.”

Gov. Ra’ad continued to say that through increasingly productive steps, the province will experience better times and the people of Diyala will continue to build through
action and spirit.

He completed his statement by imploring his fellow citizens in Diyala province, "Don’t stop doing good deeds and in the future, God willing, we will be in a new Iraq. Thanks be to God.”

Monday night’s incident remains under investigation.

There is nothing else to say, Governor Ra'ad'd words are enough.

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