November 18, 2008

"Send McCain Back to His Cage at the Hanoi Hilton"

Like that poster?

Are you angry yet?

Well get this...these are the kinds of people that will be advising President-elect Obama.

Kelly Dougherty, Executive Director of IVAW informed the IVAW Watching community that at long last peace and justice would be served, to wit, that President-Elect Obama would be visiting with IVAW:
"IVAW has been working to hold a face-to-face meeting with now President-elect and members of his staff. Our hard work has paid off! We’ve recently been contacted by a member of President-elect Obama’s veteran staff and will be meeting with representatives of both his Veteran and Foreign Affairs Committees this month. This is a huge opportunity for IVAW to assert our voice and perspective at a new level and to continue to demand accountability for ending the occupation."
And that poster, it comes from a website owned by Chiroux and Goldsmith of the IVAW. The same Chiroux and Goldsmith that were involved in this little incident:
Outside the Obama-McCain debate, at least fifteen people were arrested at a protest organized by Iraq Veterans Against the War. IVAW member Nick Morgan was left bloodied and nearly unconscious after being trampled by a police officer on horseback. [...] The protest was organized by IVAW members Matthis Chiroux and Kris Goldsmith. Last week, Chiroux sent a letter to CBS debate moderator Bob Schieffer spelling out the demands of IVAW and demanding that at least two veterans be allowed entry into the debate to ask Senators Obama and McCain one
question each. He did not receive a response.
Yep, the IVAW is a movement so mainstream its populated by the lunatic fringe.
TSO at This Ain't Hell as more...but be warned after you read it, you'll be wanting to open up an entire case of whoop ass on someone.

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