December 29, 2008

Yeah...I'm Back

I know, I'm a terrible host, I just up and disappeared for a few days....but really it wasn't my fault. Apparently we have a holiday in this country in fact most of the civilized world celebrates it. Did you all know we celebrate a holiday called Christmas?

Honestly I had no idea, I always thought the holiday season referred to other, well holidays. Anyway, apparently I am required to purchase gifts for my wife, kids, other family members and friends for this Christmas thing. Who knew?

So you see it wasn't my fault, one minute it was Thanksgiving and the next thing I know its this Christmas thing. How is a man supposed to keep up? Next thing I know its' going to be Valentine's Day and I'll be required to get my wife something for that! Do I have to do that? Damn, I knew I did.

Anyway, my posting really suffered during the past week, and I thank all 2 of you that emailed me checking in to see if something was up.

Of course, with the owork schedule the way it has been....there really won't be much posting from me the rest of this week either although I promised a few of you that I would continue to do the From the Front series. So hopefully alter today you'll see that.

Thanks for sticking around.

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