January 27, 2009

From the WTF File...

So I see this picture over at the LA Times Blog - Babylon & Beyond with this story about more Marines being sent for Cold Weather training, presumably in preparation for deployment to Afghanistan.

What caught my eye was the M4 this Navy Corpsman is carrying....it isn't real!

Photo: Navy corpsman at the Bridgeport mountain training facility. Credit: Marine Corps

Since when did we begin training with fake weapons? I know its been several years since I've been in uniform but we never would have gone on any training mission without our real weapons. Part of going on these "missions" was to not only learn how to operate in that environment but to also learn how to care for your equipment in those environments.

Can someone shed some light on this?

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Ed said...

Why the plastic weapon? Why take your actual TO weapon out to have it exposed in that environment? They are not going to do any live fire exercises up there so why bring this piece of gear on a hike?

The idea is to get a familiarization with high altitude operations, that's all.