January 21, 2009

The MilBlog Bailout Program

Courtesy of VAMC.

As everyone knows, times are tough right now. Every industry that makes up the backbone of our country seems to be getting some bailout money.

However, last time we checked, MilBloggers were not on the list! The employees of VA Mortgage Center.com have decided to bypass the government and directly fund the MilBlog Bailout of 2009.

We love reading what every soldier, veteran, friend, and family member has to say and blogs are a great way to facilitate that communciation.

Through this program, we are offering to pay your blog hosting bill for one year. Our employees have decided to do this because the MilBlogging community has done so much for us. So many of you have been gracious enough to give us publicity, inspire us, and participate in our community at YouServed.com.

In addition, many of you have given us the privilege of helping you finance the home of your dreams through the VA Loan Program.

To qualify for this program, you must currently run a military blog and be able to send us a copy of your hosting invoice. This is only for MilBloggers and categorization as such is at our discretion.

We will send you a check for your hosting costs for the last year or current term, up to $150. If you host on a free service such as Blogger.com or Wordpress.com then we will reimburse you for a new hosting account and new domain registration if you would like to move your blog over to its own domain.

To sign up, simply fill out the form on their page. And spread the word! This offer is open to the first 25 MilBloggers who sign on to participate.

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