January 18, 2009

Operational Update

It does seem that I named our secret mission appropriately.

Operation Envy has caused quite a few of our fellow bloggers and family members some discontent at our good fortune, but let me alleviate your worries, this exceedingly good luck on our part wasn't a chance encounter. Oh no it was work, hard work on our part, hard work that in the end can get you along for the ride next time.

Oh yes we feel immense pride at our good fortune but please do not hold that against us. Some of our commando group are already feeling guilty at their good fortune. Others of the group, well we can handle it, and rest assured we most certainly will let it go to our heads.

Remember, it is not our intention to keep this day to ourselves, so stay tuned and you to can find out how to join us on our next air infiltration to points unknown.

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