January 20, 2009

Thoughts on Today.

I watched Obama's swearing in while at the gym. I liked his speech, he appeared much more moderate than I think many who voted for him will like.

As for the next 4 years, we have only to look at what de Tocqueville studied as a great experiment in representational democracy in 1835 as a continued work in progress. The frame work is strong and solid, but the humans who make up the workings of the machinery of government bring with them all their faults and foibles.

The far left and far right have both gone so far as to no longer be distinguishable from each other. Deep Change is needed in this nation of ours, if we are to do as President Obama, and previous adminstrations, have requested of us all: To pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get on with the business of being a great country. If the left continues to wallow in a desire to investigate the previous administration then there is no hope for us as a nation to move forward. Likewise if the right is anything other than the loyal opposition then once again there is little hope for America to take its place as the leader in and preserver of democracy and freedom around the world.

Not only will despots be judged on what they build and not in what they destroy, so to will our country be judged by those who hate us, not because of who our President is, but because of what we represent.

Suprisingly it is now chic to be patriotic, and to display our country's flag: in areas of our country, where the red, white and blue only stood for gingoistic machinations it now stands as a symbol of freedom and hope. I would offer that our flag has always stood for these things and it was only the narrowminded that viewed it as anything other.

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