February 3, 2009

Big Things in the Works at The Thunder Run

Yes, I know I’ve been saying this since blogspot shut off my blog back in August after being incorrectly labeled as a spam site, but now it is really going to happen. Do you remember when several milbloggers, myself included, mentioned the MilBlog Bailout of 2009? Well, I applied for this bailout and guess what appeared in my inbox this morning? Yep you guessed right an email from the VA Mortgage Center indicating that they would reimburse me up to $150.00 US to purchase hosting! So The Thunder Run is officially looking for a new home, as of this minute!

Of course this means I need to look for new blogging software/platform so I am wide open to suggestions.

What else is going on? Well how about a massive year-long membership drive for the National Museum of American’s in Wartime (NMAW)! Yep, all year this blog and dozens of other MilBloggers will be helping the NMAW gain and sign-up nwe members.

Why a museum?

Why not? Their mission dovetails nicely with our mission as milbloggers to: Honor those who serve, Educate those who haven’t and Inspire a new generation to serve their country.

So do me a favor stop on over there on the sidebar and click on that link to the NMAW and take a look around. I’m sure you’ll agree that the museum is an extremely worthwhile endeavor. And if you are going to the Milblog Conference in DC this April, you can stay on ‘til Sunday and take a trip to the Tank Farm and see a large portion of the heavy equipment that will become a part of this hands-on museum.

Thanks for sticking around and for making The Thunder Run a success.

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