February 26, 2009


Despite personal visits from fellow Gold Star families it appears the Pentagon is going to cave to the adolescent hormones of the media elite and begin allowing the media to attend ramp ceremonies at Dover Air Base to photograph the return of our fallen warriors. The only silver lining to this is that they must first gain approval from the family, and I'm sure we can see how that is going to go.

No need to gain approval if you are using a telephoto lens and are several hundred meters away....the family may never even know you are there.

The policy is based upon the policy adopted at Arlington National Cemetery, but the is one thing that isn't being reported here and that being that by the time the family arrives at Arlington, they have already had their private time with their loved one. This is a bad policy and one that needs to be rethought. We can not allow the only time the families of our fallen warriors have to be alone and mourn the loss of their loved one, be turned into a media circus just so a floundering industry can sell some more dead trees.

General Casey, I am terribly disappointed, how could you turn your back on fellow Gold Star families?


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