February 22, 2009

New Wheels

Alaoe Aned Thane, a sergeant in the Iraqi Army, leaves the Sadr City district Advisory Council compound in Baghdad's Sadr City district, Feb. 4, in his new wheelchair. Thane was on a mission with U.S. Soldiers when he was wounded by insurgents firing a heavy machine gun. As a result of his wounds he lost his leg. With a wife and four children to support, Thane could not afford to buy a wheelchair.The wheelchair was donated by the charity, WheelchairsforIraqikids.com. They are currently donating 200 wheelchairs to the residents of Sadr City on Feb. 4 and 5. They plan on distributing another 200 wheelchairs in a few weeks. Photo by Sgt. Jerry Saslav.

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