March 11, 2009

No More Heroes?

Andy Rooney writing about Captain Chesley Sullenberger says:

We don’t have many heroes these days because there isn’t much opportunity to be a hero, and most people aren’t usually heroic anyway. Being heroic means doing something that risks your life while saving someone else’s.

I’m not sure what planet Mr. Rooney is living on these days, but it can’t be the one upon which I am currently residing because everyday I am introduced to a new American hero. Of course I’m not at all surprised by Mr. Rooney’s inability to find any heroes these days, since today’s heroes are fighting a war he would rather not acknowledge. Every day American men and women, the finest of our country, volunteer to put on the uniform of their country and step forward to shoulder a task that most American’s would rather not exist, by going to war at the behest of their country.

War - as it has been written many times is a horrible thing which leads me to his unusual final comments:

War is civilization at its worst and it's a strange twist that there's more heroism at war than at any other time. Men do things for each other at war that they'd never think of doing for each other in peace. Why is that?

We all must have the same attributes we've always had but I guess people don't have the opportunity to be heroic in peace as they do in war. It's an awful thought that there's anything at all good about war.

War is not civilization at its worse; it is civilization at its most basic level. Civilization at its worse is living in a society where you are encouraged to ignore your fellow man and to look out for your own needs. Civilization at its worse is living in a society where peace is the goal but there is no plan on achieving that goal. Civilization at its worse is living in a free society but refusing to pay the price for that freedom. The strange twist is not that during war men are willing to do things for others that Mr. Rooney would never think of doing for someone else during peace, it is that during peace Mr. Rooney and many American’s won’t do things for their fellow man that men at war are willing to do for each other.

No more heroes? Perhaps the fault isn’t the lack of opportunities but rather the lack of initiative and character so prevalent in today’s “polite” society.


Cassandra said...


Old Blue said...

I've got a hero for you: Jon Stiles, KIA 13 NOV 08 Jalalabad, Afghanistan.

I'm going to be writing about Jon and all that he went through to go downrange.

David M said...


Just read your post.

Mr. Rooney, is a senile old man who has forgotten in his old age what being a hero is all about. Sgt Jon Stiles, never forgot and lived a life of character and honor fuller than any man has ever lived before, all because he was willing to do what others would not: Serve.

Duty Honor Country, they are just three words to some but to us and those like us they define our very essence. If someone can not see a world full of heroes these days the just aren't looking in the right places because they aren't going to be found in the Starbucks or at the mall, they are going to be found wearing "green suits" and serving those who don't deserve their service.