March 26, 2009

Web Reconnaissance for 03/26/2009

A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the check back often.

Five Feet of Fury: There really are two Americas - Someone at MediaMatters is paid actual money to run what is called "hour by hour coverage of the Rush Limbaugh Show." No, really. I'm serious. But what continues to amaze me (for some reason -- you'd think I'd be used to it by now) is the Left's insistence upon simply reprinting the Right's "outrageous comments" (as MediaMatters calls them) without even bothering to add a contradictory counter-argument. These "outrageous comments" are so de facto "outrageous", according to the Left, that they need merely be repeated and their inherent "outrageous-ness" will be readily apparent to any thinking person. Of course, half the folks reading these "outrageous comments" are going, "er, yeah, and?" (READ MORE)

Jeffrey Jena: Is There No Place For Aging Propagandists To Go? - I watched the Presidential news conference last night and perhaps the most striking thing I learned was that there is apparently some sort of assisted-care shortage in America. I figured that out when I saw Helen Thomas there in the front row. I used to think she was always in the front row as some sort of odd show of respect. It occurred to me last night that she might never leave her seat. I have come to believe that Helen has been in that seat since sometime in the Carter administration. I noticed Helen doze off a time or two during the Presidential presser. She seemed to have this attitude that this whole thing was interrupting her evening. I am willing to kick in a few extra bucks myself to find her a place in a managed care facility. Isn’t there some sort of liberal social safety net for their aging propagandists? (READ MORE)

Big Hollywood: The Maine War Front - Far away from the war, in Portland, Maine there are people who think about the war every day. They get up every morning, not with the thought of having to pay their mortgages or the thought of far away adventures, but theirs is the thought of continued service to their country – to give back in some small measure. Whether it is 3 am in the morning or 3 pm in the afternoon, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, these volunteers get up and go out to make a difference in the lives of our departing and returning soldiers. They see the faces of those deploying to war and the faces of those returning from war every day. They count their numbers and pay their respects in smiles, handshakes and hugs. Who are these dedicated men and women? They are the volunteer troop greeters in Portland, Maine and the subject of an emotionally revealing documentary, The Way We Get By. The Way We Get By follows three senior citizens, Bill Knight, Joan Gaudet, and Jerry Mundy as they battle with the critical issues common to the nation’s ever-growing aging population. (READ MORE)

The Virtuous Republic: Only a Child of the Left Would Say This - Let’s start with some basics. The modern American left was created with the help of the Soviet Union. Through an active propaganda and spy network, the Soviets were able to spread their message throughout the American left. Then came along the Vietnam War, which allowed the neo-communist message to take hold in the Democratic Party, as it became a host for the anti-war movement. What is the neo-communist message? In short, capitalism is bad, America is an evil, imperialist country, that exploits the third world through neo-colonialism and racism. Does any of this sound familiar? Do any of these ring any bells? Clinton’s famous “I loathe the military” statement, Senator Durban’s comparison of our troop’s actions in Iraq to those of communist atrocities in the Siberian gulags, Senator Kerry’s remarks that our troops “terrorize” woman and children in the middle of the night, Obama’s pastor who blames America for everything from racism to aids…. (READ MORE)

JammieWearingFool: Tedious: Dems Running Against Rush Limbaugh in NY Special Election - You have to figure they're holding off on their secret weapon--the coveted Meghan McCain endorsement--if this utterly predictable strategy doesn't work. I guess they figure there are still a couple of idiots out there who still don't realize this quote is taken entirely out of context. Even lamer, they're not even using the proper quote, which was "Okay, I'll send you a response, but I don't need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails." “Democrats are seeking to use conservative talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh to rally their base in advance of next week's special election in New York's 20th district. A new direct mail piece from businessman Scott Murphy's campaign features an angry shot of Limbaugh over the words ‘I hope Obama fails.’ At the bottom of the piece in parentheses is written ‘Somebody wants you to stay home on March 31st....’” (READ MORE)

THE TYGRRRR EXPRESS: Mr. Obama, enough press conferences - President Barack Obama is officially more overexposed than the Geico Gekko. Whenever he speaks, the stock market suffers. The market has had a nice rebound, and I really wish he would just leave well enough alone. He again spoke to the nation last night. He praised himself for saving jobs of certain people. How does he know that somebody did not lose their job because of anything he did? He spoke about the “equivalent” of a new tax cut. Would it kill him to give me an actual tax cut? Yeah, I know, 95% of people, blah blah blah. Not gonna happen. He wants to make sure that we do not return to the cycle of bubble and bust. Of course we will. Speculation has existed since the beginning of time. He wants to make sure we do not face an economic crisis 10 or 20 years from now. Will somebody please at least admit that Barack Obama cannot defeat the business cycle? We will have good and bad times in the future. (READ MORE)

John Hawkins: Eric Holder Should Resign: No Gitmo Inmates Should Be Release In The US - Let me not just say "no," but hell "no" to this: “Attorney General Eric Holder said some detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, may end up being released in the U.S. as the Obama administration works with foreign allies to resettle some of the prisoners. ....European justice ministers met with Mr. Holder earlier this week and pressed for details on how many Guantanamo prisoners the U.S. planned to release domestically, as part of any agreement for allies to accept detainees. Mr. Holder said U.S. officials would work to respond to the questions European officials have over U.S. Guantanamo plans. For ‘people who can be released there are a variety of options that we have and among them is the possibility is that we would release them into this country,’ Mr. Holder said. ‘That process is ongoing and we've not made any determinations or made any requests of anybody at this point.’” (READ MORE)

Sister Toldjah: Far left idiocy never stops - The latest “scandal” brewing at far left blogs involves a story that first broke at the liberal Wonkette blog about how House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) allegedly “blew off” Obama’s presser Tuesday night for a Britney Spears concert. Think Progress sums up the thoughts of the far left on this “issue” (via JWF): “In recent weeks, congressional Republicans have been critical of President Obama for doing anything that isn’t directly focusing on the economic crisis — such as going on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno or filling out his NCAA bracket. House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) even called Obama’s decision to overturn the ban on embryonic stem cell research a ‘distraction.’” Are these people really that stupid that they don’t understand the difference between the President of the United States trying to sell his econ plan on a late night talk show versus the House Minority Whip attending a concert, allegedly with a few Congressional Democrats (or was it at the request of a fundraiser?), during (the latter part of - see update below) the Obama presser? Apparently so. (READ MORE)

ShrinkWrapped: Scientists and Morality - The First Enlightenment emerged from the belief that a benevolent Deity, who knew infinitely more than mere humans, nonetheless had established a world that followed rational rules and could be understood by men. The proposed Second Enlightenment expressly eschews any notion of G-d and as a result substitutes man's opinions for G-d's laws (which have, let us never forget, evolved with human understanding.) The scientists who dismiss the interests and input of those who they pejoratively label religious extremists are proposing a dangerous solution to a non-existent problem. As I once noted, Democracy works better than any other system because it allows us to sum the irrationalities of the maximum number of people, which, when it works well, enables rationality to triumph over irrationality more often than not. If we dismiss the irrationalities of religious believers... (READ MORE)

John Hinderaker: Who's Going to Lend the Money? - The Obama administration has embarked on a spree of borrowing that eclipses anything seen in world history. The Democratic Congress is nervous, but seems willing to go along. But this borrowing is not occurring in a vacuum; many other governments are also floating debt. So, who's going to lend the trillions of dollars that governments need to disguise the fact that their ideas are bankrupt? Maybe nobody. Yesterday, the British government offered its "gilt-edged bonds" for sale. For the first time in over a decade, the auction failed as not enough buyers appeared to cover the bonds that were offered: “Fears are growing on the financial markets that Britain may not be able to repay the billions of pounds in debt it is amassing to rescue banks and revive the economy. The Government admitted yesterday that, for the first time since 1995, investors had been unwilling to buy the full complement of its so-called gilt-edged bonds at one of its official auctions.” (READ MORE)

Jules Crittenden: Under The Bus - That’s where Hillary Clinton threw the US in Mexico. Washington Post, blame accepted for drug trade. Sure, our appetite for drugs, fueled by 1960s counterculture values and amped up in permanent ghettos 40 years worth of Democratic welfare policies failed to eradicate, makes it big business. There are a few issues. For starters, the guns south part: “Mexican authorities also blame some of the violence on the flow of American guns, which have been used in about 90 percent of the drug killings, according to both U.S. and Mexican officials.” Do they even make guns in Mexico? OK, shut down American firearms factories because the Mexicans can’t control their territory. A lot of those bodies along the border turn up with their heads cut off. American knives or Mexican ones? Shut down those factories, too. Newsbusters notes that many of the weapons described in condemnations of Mexican drug violence are already heavily regulated and not readily available in the United States, or not produced here. (READ MORE)

Hamilton, Madison, and Jay: The Long Knives for Governor Palin - This is beginning to get ridiculous. Ever since the end of the election, and even during the election, Governor Sarah Palin has been repeatedly attacked by critics. When I say attacked, I do mean attacked. Andrew Sullivan maintained, from the moment she was named as John McCain's running mate, that she was not the person who gave birth to her newest child, Trig, but rather it was her daughter Bristol. Yes, Mr. Sullivan is an a**hole, pardon the language. But Jim Geraghty @ National Review's Campaign Spot points out that it is not just members of the media that are going after her: “Since Alaska governor Sarah Palin was named John McCain's running mate, her foes and various Alaskan liberals have begun a new exercise, attempting to bankrupt the Palin family through legal fees, by filing endless ethics complaints against her.” (READ MORE)

Ed Morrissey: More departures at AIG after bonus outrage - Jake DeSantis may have been the most publicly vocal departure at AIG after Congress and the media attacked his compensation, but he’s not alone. Reuters reports that several high-ranking executives at AIG have given notice. The insurance giant, 80% owned by the US at the moment, says it can get by for now, but more departures could cripple their ability to pay back taxpayers for the massive bailout: “Several more employees are leaving the controversial financial products unit that brought American International Group Inc to its knees last year, according to a person with knowledge of developments there. The resignations are in addition to the ‘handful’ of senior AIG Financial Products executives who have already given notice, said the person, who could not quantify the total number of departures.” (READ MORE)

Fjordman: Islamic Jihad vs. the Western Way of War - I had a conversation recently with a good friend of mine regarding the situation in Western Europe, with rapidly rising ethnic and religious tensions caused by mass immigration. Historically, the usual situation is that Muslims keep the lands they have taken possession of. There are a few exceptions, for instance with the Reconquista in the Iberian Peninsula, but this took centuries. If this pattern still holds up, the situation does admittedly look bleak. The problem is that the circumstances this time around are very special. We are dealing with the unprecedented situation where a militarily inferior group is allowed by the authorities in technologically stronger countries to settle in their lands and harass the local population. Muslims haven’t actually defeated us in warfare. Do the old rules then apply? Nobody knows for certain. It is difficult to predict the future, apart from the fact that there will be a lot of turbulence here in the coming years and decades. (READ MORE)

Dr. Sanity: POSTMODERNISM: THE REAL ENEMY OF SCIENCE - John Derbyshire asks a very pertinent question, "Will Obama Kill Science?" Political Correctness has always been rather insane, but now it has a license to kill so to speak in the postmodern rhetoric of the Obama Administration and the PC excesses of its minions--who cannot wait to subjugate the rest of us to their way of 'thinking' about things: “The U.S. is ‘frenzied’ by ‘belligerent nationalism?’ Perhaps Geoffrey Miller should chat with some young Chinese males. And while it’s nice to see Satoshi Kanazawa say things that a non-Asian would be horse-whipped on the steps of his club for saying, someone should explain to him that not all fundamentalist Christians in the U.S.A. are pumping gas or serving Big Macs. Also, his take on the public presentation of evolutionary psychology — basically, just keep the rubes in the dark — is a tad too much de haut en bas even for this elitist.” I have discussed this issue before, but it is worth repeating especially now since it appears to be impossible for leftists to appreciate the distinction between limiting Federal funding of science and the outright banning or prohibition of scientific inquiry. (READ MORE)

Don Surber: Let's sit in the dark and freeze to death - On Sunday, lefties will celebrate Earth Hour by shutting off the lights from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. A whole bunch of cities and corporations will also turn down the lights to show their political correctness. Besides, it is Sunday night and none of these businesses and government offices are open anyway. We had plenty of Earth Hours in Western Europe from 500 AD to 1000 AD. We called it the Dark Ages, a time when the Western World regressed and abandoned all the cultural and scientific achievements of the Roman Empire. Nice going, ancestors. Instead of Earth Hour, I shall celebrate Human Achievement Hour by leaving on my lights and maybe turning on the air conditioner regardless of the temperature. The furnace can always warm me if it gets too cold. (READ MORE)

Confederate Yankee: Complicity in Idiocy - Fox News posted the following highly-misleading graphic on the front page of tonight, as the click-through image for a story entitled Clinton: U.S. Shares Blame in Mexico Drug Wars. The obvious implication of the image, echoing recent rhetoric by the Obama Administration and the Mexican government that the firearms industry in the United States is responsible for supplying drug cartels with massive amounts of firepower, including military weapons. But what does the picture actually show? A close look at the picture shows at the top a short-barreled AR-15 carbine where the flash hider begins immediately in front of the front sight. Such weapons are highly-regulated under the National Firearms Act of 1934, and buyers must have approval from the ATF and pay a $200 transfer tax. Such weapons are most commonly seen in use by law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border in urban tactical dynamic entry or SWAT teams. (READ MORE)

Dafydd: More Obamunism: Who Controls the Newspapers Controls the Present - "Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." -- "George Orwell" (Eric Blair), Nineteen Eighty-Four - Sen. Benjamin Cardin (D-MD, 100%) has ridden in on his white horse with a wonderful suggestion for newspapers that are in financial trouble (which is pretty much all of them): Reincorporate as 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit educational institutions, which would exempt them from most income tax (except for "unrelated business income"). Of course, the move would also absolutely prohibit political advocacy, lobbying, or electioneering... which as I read it would even preclude publishing editorials critical of, e.g., the administration of Barack H. Obama. Or of individual Democratic senators, such as Benjamin Cardin. But that ought to be a good thing, no? Surely we all want newspapers to be politically neutral gatherers of fact and disseminators of the truth! (READ MORE)

Uncle Jimbo: Uncle J v. Lummox Murtha in Politico - I think it is fairly well known that I have a less than stellar opinion of the Lummox Murtha. He has many faults including his foolish call to cut and run from Iraq and his idea that we could redeploy to Okinawa and still be effective in the region. But first and foremost was his shameful jaw-flapping about the incident in Haditha where he said our Marines had killed civilians in cold blood. He did this before an investigation was even finished and now that all but one of these Marines have been cleared he still refuses to apologize for his slanderous and ultimately incorrect statements. He wanted to use this incident to prove his cries that we had over-used our military and they were going crazy in repsonse. As it turned out he was wrong along with the others in the Cut & Run cabal Reid, Pelosi and let's not forget then junior Senator from Illinois Barack Obama. They all tried to stop the surge from happening and then denied it was working until the facts on the ground slapped them dead in the face and forced them to admit it had worked. (READ MORE)

Bob Hamer: America’s Heroes - During my undercover career in the FBI, I often reflected on a verse from the “Original Testament,” as Ron Silver liked to call it. Moses told Joshua, “The Lord himself will go before and be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid.” Those words gave me strength as I prepared many times to enter the belly of the beast. In fact, while standing at a Times Square urinal preparing for my first NAMBLA meet, I repeated the verse to myself…not sure that’s a scene for the Big Screen regardless of your religious beliefs. In the New Testament, Paul admonishes us to “pray without ceasing.” I never understood that verse until I had a son deployed to a combat zone. Now I find myself praying for my son, his men, and their families almost constantly. Our Marine son is at a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan. They have no running water, no heat, and only on occasion, electricity. The other evening I received a short email from him. His battalion lost three more men over the weekend. (READ MORE)

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