April 15, 2009

Godspeed Marine Corp Mom - You Will Be Missed

[Ed Note: This post is stuck at the top all day.]

This has been a rather weird week. As has become the fashion for those of us these days that develop relationships that never transcend the boundaries of electrons flying back and forth through the either it comes to pass that we receive an email that we really don’t want to believe. Such a time has come to pass for the Company of us at The Thunder Run.

On Monday I received notice that a long time friend of this blog and Marine Corp Mom – Nancy has passed. Nancy graciously allowed us to post photos of her young Marine - heading off to war for the second time, and noted with us the passing of several members of 2/7 Marines and kept us up to date on the goings on of her Marine, although most of those stories were never posted as she requested. I believe that I have covered all five stages of grief in the last few days after receiving this message, but this morning it was confirmed that in fact the truth was there all along.

What made this news so hard to process was the fact that our dear friend passed on March 27 after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in late January. As was her character she kept this news private in an effort to spare her friends the grief that she knew would soon follow.

I thank her daughter for taking the time and effort to hack her mother’s email account to find a way to let us all know.

Nancy, you will be missed, and as I stated in a previous post about you and your family….Godspeed Marine.

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