April 16, 2009

Good Shooting

Galrahn of Information Dissimination provides us a link to pictures of the Maersk Lifeboat, which raises some questions about the story of "3 shots, 3 dead." Not that it couldn't be done but that the threshold of error is even smaller than I anticipated.

Galrahn notes part of a post over at Defense Tech where, in his mind, this part sticks out:
One other question (among many) remains open...were there three shots or four?
Poole reasons, and Allen and I agree, that someone had to shoot through the
lifeboat window first, then fire the kill shots. My limited knowledge of
ballistics leads me to believe the snipers could not rely on the effectiveness
of the one window shot to actually strike the target where it was aimed based in
the potential deflection of hitting that probably plastic (glass) window.

While not officially trained as a sniper I can tell you that when shooting through glass it is common practice to fire one round into the window, while a second shooter shoots at the same time. The first round takes out the glass, and sometimes the target, while the second round takes out the target.

Look at these pics and tell me that shooting at this target from the deck of a rolling ship, at night, isn't some seriously good shooting. Way to go guys.

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