April 3, 2009

Operation Love From Home - Request

Special Request from an Infantry Unit!

Good morning everyone!

We have recently had an infantry unit sign up with Operation Love From Home. They are not in need of much by way of cards & letters at this time; HOWEVER, they ARE very much in need of basic hygiene items, snacks, and the like. I've created a page on our website (along with a clickable, downloadable and printable flyer on that page) to get the word out about their needs. Please click here to view:

Collecting care package items (and postage funds to ship) will be an ONGOING project until very late this year - and beyond, if more units sign up and request 'stuff' in addition to holiday cards.

Anything you can to to help out in this regard would be MOST appreciated! Right now, out of all the items on that list, we have exactly...NOTHING. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Since our Board hasn't won the lottery yet (or bought any tickets, come to think of it, haha), we need YOU to help us take care of these troops! :) Much of the stuff can be bought at dollar stores; you can also possibly get donations from area hotels, businesses, your dentist (toothbrushes, floss, etc. is on the list!) and the like. Walmart gift cards are also welcome if you do not have time to shop for items yourself - we are more than happy to. Whatever it takes to take care of our troops! :)

God bless - looking forward to seeing mountains (of stuff) move from here to The Sandbox!


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