May 16, 2009

Some One Doesn't Like Me - The Saga Continues...

As I am wont to do, I regularly peruse my sitemeter stats to see how people find The Thunder Run. One of those links brought me to this page in honor of 1LT Robert Seidel III.

The funny thing about this page was that this morning it was titled: Iraq Occupation Veterans 1st Lt. Robert Seidel III. Don't believe me....just google Iraq Occupation Veterans and see what the top link is...I'll wait.

Pretty f*ing cool how that works....

So, since I was already pissed off about another matter I penned a little note to the contact info provided. Which was as follows:

To Whom It May Concern,

I want to thank you for honoring one of our fallen heroes but I have a question.

Why do you insist on titling the web page dedicated to him as Iraq Occupation Veterans. I do believe your bias is showing.

Please leave your politics out of it, you are an historical society not a politcal action committee.

Thank you

Yeah it was sue me.

The "officers" even better....

As a former naval officer and someone who has bent over backwards to make sure
our veterans a remembers, I find your comments fucking insulting!

Who the fuck are you to tell me what my bias is!

Go to fucking hell you ass hole!

Yeah, certainly no gentleman there. But mission accomplished, the anti-military bent is gone!

If you want to read what I said about 1LT Robert Seidel III click here.

The saga continues.....

I couldn't leave it well enough alone and responded to my new friend the "former naval officer" or FNO for now.

As a former Army enlisted I do the same thing.
I ask a question and attribute it to a possible personal bias.
You respond by cursing me.

FNO obviously couldn't leave it alone either and writes back...

On the contrary, you insulted me with "your bias is showing"
You assumed I had a bias ... As such, I assumed you were a typical inbred ignoramus for either the left or the right more concerned with political correctness then substance.
Had you been a gentleman, all you had to do was simply say "Hi: My name is... I'm not sure it you are aware, but it appears you have the wrong title too..."
Had you done that, then I wouldn't be typing this e-mail right now. I would have gladly fired it.
So next time you decide to enforce your personal idea of political correctness - think twice. You might find you'll get more people to work with you.

Yeah the ad hominem attacks always help you prove your point FNO. I surely hope you didn't learn that at Annapolis...

And am I supposed to believe that this exemplary example of modern etiquette would have been amenable to such a flatly worded statement such as: "Excuse me, but I'm not sure you are aware but your title of the web-page honoring 1LT Robert Seidel III seems to be in error." Color me skeptical but I somehow don't believe that for a minute.

So listen up FNO. If you had bothered to do your research you'd have found out that I am anything but an example of political correctness. Yeah I'm considered right-wing but that is only because I support our men and women in uniform and believe in their mission, support limited government and in all honesty I'm only a registered republican so I can vote in the primary elections in this screwed up state I live in.

You want me to believe that I am somehow the one at fault for pointing out that you choose to honor one of our fallen heroes by slapping on some leftist drivel at the top of the page and then want us to believe that for 3 years you didn’t know it was there? Please, I know I was born at night but it wasn't last night. Was my original email snarky? Yeah it sure as hell was, but having just spent the last 7 years listening to millions of ignorant American's who think that a return to Stalin would be a good thing, I think those of us who actually are doing something deserve to be a little snarky.

Do I think you have a bias...damn right I do! In point of fact I think you are one of those leftists MoveOn types that think dissent is patriotic but only when your guy isn't leading the show. Or are you one of those "Academic Elites" that somehow can't figure out the proper meaning of words, and regularly march in Washington holding signs that say: "End the occupation" and "We support our troops when they frag their Officers"? Our troops in Iraq are not an occupation force; if they were they still wouldn't be living in trailers and drinking water out of bottles. If they were we wouldn't have bothered with a SOFA (that's a Status of Forces Agreement just in case you were wondering Mr. Former Naval Officer) that severely limits our ability to maneuver and operate.

Yeah you support the troops alright, but I think you only support them when doing so helps further your beliefs.

I wonder, when 1LT Seidel was buried in Emmitsburg, were you in that line of Patriot Guard Riders or were you with those miscreants across the road holding up the signs: "God Hates Fags!"

I know where I was...and it wasn't with Phelps and his band of inbred ignoramuses.


John of Argghhh! said...

His reaction leads me to wonder... what his grade was when he entered "former" status.

I'm guessing he wasn't all that high on the food chain...

I'm not commenting on his opinion, he's allowed all those he wants.

I'm just commenting on his *class*.

David M said...


Class is something he does not have. Of course, I am always reminded of that barb from the bard: "Me thinks she doth protest too much!"

DangerGirl said...

David - The arrogant asshat who replied to you may have changed the heading at the top of the Page dedicated to 1Lt Seidel III BUT the google search remains "Iraq Occupation Veteran". What a disgrace!

I wonder how one can scrub that??

David M said...

I think....thanks to Google can't.

Flag Gazer said...

Well, isn't he classy...
And, reading it on a day where I am pissed at someone on another blog who thinks our wars are 'for nothing' - guess it's just a day for high blood pressure.

Any one who wants to read a non-Americans view of America, go here -

Greta Perry said...


CJ said...

Dave, the last time I told someone to "go to hell" I was brought up on IG charges. Since he inserted an adjective in there, surely you could find something to charge HIM with.

This dude got caught with his pants down and he's embarrassed. I always laugh my ass off at these peace-loving lefties who are so angry and mean. Must be all that pent up aggression not being able to hit anything for fear of breaking the code.

God bless Seidel.