May 21, 2009

A Wounded Warrior Needs A Little Love on His Birthday

There is a wounded soldier at the Fisher House in Fort Sam Houston, Texas by the name of Sgt. David Thornhill. Sgt. Thornhill lost both legs and I think both arms as well as being burned on 56% of his body while serving this country in Iraq. He has been at the Fisher House for 2 years and his parents have reached out for support. They are not asking for money or anything like that, but they are asking for as many service members, veterans, and others as possible to please send him a birthday card. His birthday is this coming week and it would be nice if a lot of us send him a birthday card to show him how much we love him for what he has sacrificed for his country. His parents are worried about his emotional status and he hardly ever has visitors.

Let's help this soldier and send him a lot of cards. Show your love. Better yet, if you are in the San Antonio area why not stop in for a visit!

If you want to help out this Wounded Warrior drop me an email or leave a comment and provide your email address and I will send you the mailing address for Sgt. Thornhill.

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