June 1, 2009

BREAKING! Gunman Shoots 2 at Arkansas Military Recruitment Center

Via Fox News:

A gunman opened fire Monday at an army recruitment center in Little Rock, Ark., killing one army recruiter and seriously wounding another, FOX16.com reported.

A man in a black SUV drove to the recruitment office and began shooting at around 10:19 a.m., a spokesman with the Little Rock police department told FOX News.

The suspect, who immediately fled the scene, was later apprehended approximately four miles from the center with an assault rifle in his vehicle.

Little Rock authorities detected a "suspicious device" inside the vehicle and called a bomb squad to the scene, according to FOX16.com.

UPDATE: Army recuiter killed in shooting, another injured!

One recruiter was killed and another wounded when a man in a black vehicle opened fire into the office. Recruiting commander Lt. Col Thomas F. Artis says the victims had just completed basic training and were spending two weeks in Little Rock to recruit in their home area, showing the difference that less than two months of training made in their lives.


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Teflon Don said...

My prayers for the victims and their families. Man, that sounds trite.

Grats Fox news on identifying a semi-auto SKS as an "assault rifle".

Next up: apologists explaining how the shooter is/was drunk/high/mentally ill/retarded/from a broken home/etc/etc/etc