June 4, 2009

Woman Sends Touch of Home to Overseas Troops

By Ashley Andyshak
News-Post Staff

Moselle Gregory, 92, has been making lap robes for years and sends many of them to troops serving overseas. Her five brothers all served in World War II. Photo by Bill Green

Emmitsburg -- Moselle Gregory spends most of her days in the sewing room of her Welty Road home.

The room has been home to a lot of Singers and a lot of projects over the years, but now the main focus is the lap robes Gregory makes for U.S. troops.

"There's nothing I can do but sit and sew," said the 92-year-old, lightheartedly.

But that wasn't always the case. Gregory was born in Kensington, and moved to North Carolina after she married. She moved to her current home just outside Emmitsburg in 1973.

Gregory raised 13 of her own children and six orphans, and helped raise five of her husband's younger brothers and sisters.

"I've always loved company, and the doors were always open for friends," she said. "That was my life, my family, and it still is."

On top of raising a family, she kept the books for her husband's contracting company in Gaithersburg.

After her children were grown, she took several cruises and traveled to Hawaii, but said she did not enjoy traveling as much as being with her family. She now lives with her daughter, Denise Early.

All the lap robes she makes are red, white and blue, or incorporate some part of the American flag.

"They say the boys get so excited when they get something with the flag or with the colors, so that's how I make them," she said.

Gregory should know. Her five brothers all served simultaneously in World War II. She keeps a picture of them in her sewing room.

Gregory sends most of the lap robes through churches and other organizations that put together care packages for overseas troops.

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