July 15, 2009

Mobile Medical Truck Trains Healthcare Professionals Throughout Iraq

A medical equipment training truck refurbished in June by Gulf Region Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Iraq, will soon be returned to the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The vehicle can visit remote Primary Healthcare Centers and hospitals across Iraq, enabling technicians to be instructed how to operate and maintain X-ray, dental and laboratory equipment. (USACE photo by H. Al Taie)

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Storypainter said...

What a surprise to see this picture! This truck was built by my organization, the Gulf Region Division (GRD). It had been a bloodmobile and was in awful condition a few months ago: the roof was ripped off, the inside was filled and caked with dirt - it was bad. But our Iraqi associates led the effort in rebuilding and refurbishing it. I was inside it last week and it's an amazing facility, with a dental chair, full-body xray equipment, and lots of lab capabilities. It would do justice to a modern facility in the States. We've now turned it over to the Ministry of Health. It's a real success story.