July 19, 2009

(VIDEO) SAS in Afghanistan

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Anonymous said...

This video is disturbing from the standpoint that it shows footage from the Taliban uprising at the Qala-i-jhangi prison where the taliban killed Mike Spann. How dare Amnesty International even bring this up. Those Taliban terrorists hid weapons in their clothing and fought for days to take over their prison. First of all, Taliban lose their right to any rules that apply to prisoners when they begin killing all of the guards (assassination style - a bullet to each temple). Second of all, the prisoners fought with rockets, mortars, machine guns and RPGs. The surrounding city of Mazar-i-Sharif was damaged by their stray ordnance as they shot outward from their prison. Third, are you going to punish the SAS and 5th Group for bombing their own positions? When you start arresting soldiers for fighting terrorists, you have chosen the wrong side.