August 7, 2009

Scenes From the Front - Yon in Afghanistan

Below are a couple scenes from the front as Micheal Yon travels with the 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles as they patrol Sangin.

Sangin Market: tons of fertilizer flows into Sangin. These fertilizers are as good for making bombs as for growing corn and drugs. [Michael Yon - 2009]

Corporal Chitra Thapa from Baglung, western Nepal, led the patrol. Chitra is with 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles (1 RGR). For years now, I’ve asked Gurkhas why they don’t join the U.S. military. But the Gurkhas like to keep their own units and so are not apt to split off alone. They respect the U.S. military, but unfortunately will not join. Some people call them “mercenaries,” but Gurkhas don’t fit that definition in my book. If Gurkhas were true mercenaries, they might join any band that would pay. But they regularly join the relatively poorly paid Indian Army and don’t join the U.S. military despite the incredible benefits and their positive views of America. Gurkhas are not “mercenaries” as we use the term, but professional soldiers who don’t seem to like going to war. But when they do…watch out. [Michael Yon - 2009]

Michael Yon is one of the true independant reporters who is trying to get to the truth of what is really happening in Afghanistan. His pioneering and in depth writing about Iraq won him acclaim throughout the blogging and journalistic communities and the admiration of all of those who follow and support him, however he cannot operate in the war without your support.

If support does not substantially increase, Mike will be forced to abandon war reporting in September. There has seldom been much interest in the Afghanistan war. True interest has been starkly reflected in the support for this mission. Each journey into Afghanistan, since 2006, has bled out resources from Mike's operations and eporting from Afghanistan is not sustainable at this rate.

We can not allow this to happen. You can help support this mission through paypal, all major credit cards, or e-check.

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