September 23, 2009

The Ride 2 Recovery for Wounded Warriors

Found in the mailbox:

Good morning all,

Some of you already know about the incredible work the Ride 2 Recovery program has done to support the wounded warriors of OIF and OEF, and many of you were kind enough to support my efforts to support this worthy cause last year. In less than 2 weeks I will ride alongside wounded warriors from across the nation in the second annual California Challenge. This week long trek from San Francisco to Los Angeles will help with the recovery and rehabilitation process of our wounded warriors, while simultaneously raising funds to expand the program to others in need. I have pasted my "pitch" letter, and ask that you take a second to read it. I know times are tight for everyone so I am asking for small donations. $10-20 would be great. Please pass this along to anyone you wish even if you can’t make a donation, I really feel that bringing more awareness and help to our wounded brothers and sisters is vital in these trying times.

Here is the letter:

Held in partnership with the Fitness Challenge Foundation, R2R will raise money to support Spinning® Recovery Labs and outdoor cycling programs at military and Veterans Affairs locations around the U.S. to help injured veterans overcome obstacles they face. In 2008, R2R initiated the East and West Coast rides, as well as getting sites launched all across the country. Here are just a few of the 2008 accomplishments:
• More than 100 Wounded Warriors participated in an event including those from the previous conflicts of Vietnam and the first Gulf War.
• Provided more than 50 Spin bikes, including 17 for the West Los Angeles VA and 15 for Bethesda Naval Medical Center. • Provided 45 bicycles for Wounded Warriors to participate in R2R events.
• Trained volunteers, Respiratory Therapists and Physical Therapists as certified Spinning® Instructors so classes can be taught by trained leaders.
• Donated uniforms, helmets, shoes, and other cycling equipment to Wounded Warriors so they can participate in the R2R events and programs.

My personal goal is to raise $3500.00. If you would like to learn more about this worthy organization, go to If you believe in helping to heal America's Wounded Warriors as much as I do, please donate what you can. No amount is too small, but the more we help, the more we heal. To get an idea of how your donation will help, here are some links from the recent Ride 2 Recovery "Don't Mess with Texas" Challenge several months ago.

You can also check out the Ride 2 Recovery Facebook group

The current programs in place at the VA are some of the best our nation has ever offered our Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Sailors, but the R2R program offers something that addresses a different, and in some ways deeper need. There are few things that can restore the soul as surely as the combination of grueling effort, fierce camaraderie, and exposure to the raw power of the elements, and the R2R offers our wounded warriors all three. Like so many things in this world it isn’t easy, and that is why it has value.

You can sponsor me directly by visiting On the page just enter my name, Danjel Bout, and the tax deductible amount you wish to contribute.

Thank you for the support!

Danjel Bout
-- T6
"Rangers Lead the Way"

You have your orders....get moving!

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