November 3, 2009

A Huge Loss for Britian

Mikchael Yon writes:

Today started off very badly. An email came from London from a BBC correspondent saying that Staff Sergeant Olaf "Oz" Schmid had been killed in Afghanistan. Oz was one very good soldier who stood out even among excellent men. He was killed on his last mission. Some photos of one of his very dangerous missions were still on my hard drive. These photos were made during a bad time but Oz inspired much confidence. He would get you laughing on the battlefield. Please read: Great Britain Loses one of its Finest

Insofar as the growing "scandal" about my Twitter comments on New York Times making payoffs to recover David Rohde, that issue is trivial in the face of this war. I'm happy that a good man is safe. My excellent sources are insistent that money was paid, but that truly is irrelevant and is muddying the waters on the more important topic. Extremely relevant is that the New York Times and others have been publishing information about British hostages that could get their heads cut off. That is the bigger topic, but less likely to take the spotlight because major media are blowing this story out of proportion, right alongside the New York Times. The media kept quiet about one of their own, which was fine, but they should respect other lives as well.

The Coalition lost nearly 80 people last month in Afghanistan. The war might eclipse anything we saw in Iraq. That's a far bigger concern.

Please read: Great Britain Loses one of its Finest

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