November 10, 2009

Media is Besmirching the Honor of Generations Past

A must read from Kanani at The Kitchen Dispatch:

Words May Hurt, But The Will Has To Be Stronger

[...] Every person I know of has faced discrimination of some kind for one reason or another. Often, it's been the most pernicious --officially sanctioned by a system of antiquated rules. Many have been without resources to fight it. The tragedy this past week wasn't a case of a person whose life or livelihood was ruined by systematic discrimination. Rather, he was someone who made a conscious decision to play for the other team. The real question is why he was retained after a series of poor reviews during his internship. The Army should have called it a wash, stopped their losses and like any other medical internship and residency in the United States, let him go right then.

For the media --who keeps harping on discrimination, you besmirch generations of those who came before him, rose above it and served with honor and distinction. You tarnish the reputations of others who have worked hard to guard against it.

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