November 2, 2009

A Must Read

Ever since I've transitioned over to a blog completely dedicated to getting out the story about Iraq and Afghanistan one of the things I have missed is sharing with you all the wonderful writing that takes place out there on the political and social blogs.

When I was compiling the Web Reconnaissance, one of my favorite bloggers to link to was ShrinkWrapped. I still read all of those other blogs and I just have to share this post of his with you all:

Signs of Large Group Regression
By ShrinkWrapped

Since our society is composed of "large groups" (ie, Liberals, Progressives, Conservatives, Republicans, etc) it is useful to think about American societal regression as a progression from large group regression to larger and/or multiple large group regression.

One of the signs of large group regression, number 6 on the list established by the American Psychoanalytic association panel on symptoms of large group regression, discussed in Terror and Societal Regression is:

"Magical thinking, blurring of reality, and new or modified societal patterns."

Magical thinking is ubiquitous. There remain considerable numbers of Americans who do not believe we ever went to the moon; there are significant numbers of Americans who believe that HIV was developed by government scientists in order to kill minorities; there are significant numbers of Americans who believe the Bush administration engineered the attacks on 9/11. What matters is how such paranoid and magical thinking spreads, or is encapsulated, by the body politic. Like an infection, if such thinking spreads to the larger society, ie multiple large groups become infected or a threshold number of individuals become recruited into the conspiracy of fear, it can be both a symptom and a cause of societal regression.

Consider the fate of two different magical ideas.

Anthropogenic Global Warming hysteria is clearly based on magical thinking. There is quite simply no evidence in the paleogeologic record of a runaway green house effect on the planet Earth. (If such had occurred the planet would have been cleansed of all life long, long ago.) Further, we know that CO2 levels in the atmosphere have been significantly higher during past epochs.


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