November 10, 2009

Politcal Correctness Has Got to Go!

I don't remember exactly which blogger said it first, but that blogger was correct when they wrote, that it was Political Correctness that killed the victims at Ft Hood.

My favorite shrink expands on that message with this gem:

The Axis of Evil: Islamist Terror and PC-Thought
By ShrinkWrapped

There is a split in the commentary on the Fort Hood killer. Many of the Mainstream Media reports, as well as statements from official sources, emphasize how troubled the shooter was by his upcoming deployment. Rather fanciful theories promulgated by non-Mental Health Professionals as well as by non-clinical Media Psychologists suggest he suffered from Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder; this is a nonsensical formulation but the kind of thing we have come to expect from media purveyors of psycho-babble. It has a certain resonance for non professionals and (mis)uses words associated with Psychoanalysis to gain a pseudo-authenticity. The goal of such obfuscatory commentary is to minimize the risk that the killers actions will in any way be associated with his religious beliefs.

On the other side of the divide are a host of Commentators who are outraged at the official response (more of a non-response) to the obvious. Since few such commentators are in positions of influence on the MSM or the government, their outrage is relatively impotent. And that may be a window into the psychology of the Politically Correct approach.

Under the PC administration, all utterances must be filtered by the thought police. It is at such times that humorists and satirists often get closest to the reality:


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