November 10, 2009

Project Valour-IT 2009

The annual fund drive is almost over and barring a miracle Team Marine is going to clean up! I credit all of that to Team Marine's Leader Cassandra. I knew Team Army was in trouble when Cassandra emailed me a couple of weeks prior to the fund drive asking me to join Team Marine, that is one organized lady!

So seeing as it is the Marine Corps Birthday and about dropping a few bucks in their pot and help put them over the top.

As John notes:

Something to consider boys and girls - the greatest casualty producer in the war is the IED. If President Obama gives General McChrystal more troops, there are going to be more personnel in theater.

Which means, just like after the Surge in Iraq, casualties are going to spike.

Which means more wounded warriors with the kinds of wounds that Project Valour-IT is designed to help.

How 'bout sacrificing a little green for those who are making the red sacrifice?

Come on...DONATE TODAY! A Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman or Coastie may be thanking you tomorrow for it.

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