December 29, 2009

The Super Bowl is a Month Away, Are We Going to be Treated Like the Hired Help Again?

Do you remember this story from January?

I do, I think about it almost every day.

If not let me remind you a little about what happened.

A Marine Mom and friend of this blog, who by the way passed away earlier this year, sent me an email from another Marine Mom explaining that her son was being honored to serve on the Intraservice Color Guard at the beginning of the Super Bowl in Tampa, but that after presenting the colors, they would be escorted out of the stadium to a large tent on the stadium grounds to watch the game on TV.

The hired help, that's all we were to them, not the special guests that Mallory Steinberg states in her emails to those of us that questioned their motives.

We were successful in getting the NFL to reconsider their stance on the importance of these fine young men and women who place their lives on the line in service of their Country, but that was January 2009.

How are they going to treat us this January?

Just as I stated last January, this is NOT about getting something just because we wear the uniform of our country, on the contrary it is all about respecting those that wear the uniform of our country. As I stated in January, we are not asking for any special treatment, we are however, asking to be treated like the heroes you claim we are. You support the military? Great, but don’t invite us to dinner and then make us sit at the children’s table in the other room while all the “adults” go off to the dinning room for wine with their meal. More importantly, don't wrap your self in the mantle of our protection and bask in the "aura" of our heroics in public but ship us off to the servant's quarters as soon as the cameras are turned off.

The NFL has always been a proud supporter of our men and women in uniform, just recently the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders participated in a USO show, something they have been doing since 1979, for the troops and players and league leaders regularly visit the troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and where ever they are forward deployed, but treating us like the hired help just to maximize your profit margin is simply wrong.

I hope the NFL takes a moment to remember the outcry concerning their policy about the color guard, and realizes that the lost revenue of twelve seats is a drop in the bucket compared to the cost our men and women pay everyday in their sacrifices while serving our country.

I'm placing the NFL on notice, I'm going to be watching you, please don't make me come after you again this year.

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