March 18, 2010

Melinda Is On A Tear...

Congratulations go out to Melinda who in the past month has adopted another daughter and whose husband is due to return from deployment presently...she however is not waiting patiently.

About to Become Interesting

My husband is back in the States.

That's good news to be certain.

The not-so-awesome news is that, SURPRISE!, he's not coming home within the window we've been told for months. The worst part is, it appears this delay in his homecoming is due to the stupid homecoming ceremony.

Can we talk about this honestly and frankly?

As a rule, I have less than zero interest in what some big wig National Guard person or stuffed shirt bureaucrat has to say about anything. Specifically, on the day I have waited nearly a YEAR to have happen, I would prefer it if you just opened the bus doors, let the soldiers and gear spill onto the pavement, and allow their families to collect them...all the while keeping your mouths shut.

The idea that this is somehow "for the soldiers" is ludicrous on its face. The position of, "Well, we didn't do anything for the soldiers who returned from Vietnam. We won't do that again" is even more ludicrous. People did PLENTY when Vietnam soldiers came home. They treated them with open disdain and ignored them ON PURPOSE. That should not result in the pendulum swinging to completely the opposite direction where now, I have to sit through a THREE HOUR event just to get my hands on my husband.

Have your damned ceremonies on your OWN TIME. Do it before you leave the post where the out processing is occurring. Do it on another day. Do it when you drag us all in for some idiotic briefing in a couple weeks. The very fact that 'all time is Army time' is why I have grown to loathe the very thing that I find so honorable in my husband. I love that he feels called to serve. I hate, however, that his calling results in these types of thumb-in-your-eye type things.
Can we please just be honest? Ceremonies like this have absolutely NOTHING to do with the families who have painfully waited for their service members to return home. They have almost just as little to do with the soldiers and what they would like on this long awaited day. It has EVERYTHING to do with the egos of people whom I do not know and if I did, I probably wouldn't like anyhow.

She is just getting started folks!

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