March 19, 2010

A Must Read Post

Pennies From Heaven
by Dymphna

Steven Vincent. A man who belongs irretrievably to the past now, but whose memory shines bright for those who loved him, and for those of us who admired him.

Earlier this month Lisa Ramaci, his widow, happened upon an old post about her husband at Gates of Vienna and was moved to write in response. She willingly gave permission for us to share her thoughts with you:

Hello -

I was recently made aware of a wonderful post you wrote about my husband Steven Vincent, the journalist who was kidnapped and murdered in August 2005 in Basra, Iraq, and I wanted to write and thank you for it.

Since I do not expect you to remember it, here’s the link.

I remember Steven Vincent’s tragic end very well. His summary execution and the attempted murder of his translator by terrorists in Iraq is an unforgettable story. It was only luck that Nour, the translator, survived and managed to elude those who wanted her dead.


H/T: Cassandra

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