April 15, 2010

Color Me Enraged - CJ

CJ of A Soldier's Perspective and You Served has an interesting missive on a recent Anti-Defamation League (ADL ) report about a suppossedly groing "rage" movement in America. Suprisingly they found nothing wrong with the rage leveled at the previous administration or even conservatives today.

Bush = Hitler was fine.

Obama is a Socialist...not so much.

Read on.

Color Me "Enraged"

By CJ at A Soldier's Perspective

In November 2009, the morons at the Anti-Defamation League released a report titled "Rage Grows In America: Anti-Government Conspiracies." The authors of the report have the audacity to suggest that a "climate of anti-government fervor and activism" was created "since the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States." Really?

I searched the ADL website forwards and backwards looking for a report talking about all the "anti-government fervor and activism" that was so prevalent during the Bush Administration. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any. None. Not one. It's not because there was no such thing as rage against Bush – it was everywhere! It was because the ADL is a leftwing extremist organization in and of itself.

The report cites "growing beliefs [that] threaten to create a large pool of people more susceptible to extreme anti-government conspiracy theories and even calls to resistance on the part of extremist groups and movements." Again, I couldn't find any mention anywhere in ADL's vast resources that mentions all the extremist groups that also advocated anti-government conspiracies (9-11 anyone?) and calls to resistance (IVAW/ANSWER/Code Pink).

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