April 15, 2010

More Outlets Talking About Mike's Cancelled Embed.

Top war correspondent’s embed in Afghanistan halted
Thursday, April 15, 2010 at 02:49PM
By Kay B. Day

No one reporting on the Global War on Terror has done a more effective or honest job than Michael Yon. For one thing he knows the military, having served in U.S. Army Special Forces. With his camera and his pen, he enabled readers to see aspects of war corporate media could or would not divulge.

On Saturday, April 10, Yon posted a message on his magazine-style website. “[A] message came from military that this embed has ended.” He headed off to pack his bags for the trip home from Afghanistan.

On his Facebook page where fans comment daily, more than 135 of his more than 21,000 fans expressed regret as soon as his message posted.

It is common for families with loved ones in the war zone to keep up with dispatches Yon files on the FB page as well as on his magazine site. One commenter summed up feelings for many, writing, “We Americans aren't getting the real story from the MSM-Which is what one of my soldiers told me. He said it is very demoralizing the way the MSM is reporting on the war.”

Yon said he was told the reason for ending the embed was “overcrowding by journalists.” Hard to read that one with a straight face, isn’t it?


Mike writes on his Facebook page:

The disembed from McChrytal's top staff (meaning from McChrystal himself) is a very bad sign. Sends chills that McChrystal himself thinks we are losing the war. McChrystal has a history of covering up. This causes concern that McChrystal might be misleading SecDef and President. Are they getting the facts?

So the real question is: Are they?

If they are reading the Washington Post we know they aren't, not if today's article by Greg Jaffe titled: U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder - is any indication of the depths to which they will reach to twist the narrative.

Of course there is one winner in this - the Taliban have once again seized upon the US's failure to control the narrative and are claiming that they have forced the US Military out of the Korengal with their tails between their legs.

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