May 4, 2010

Veteran's News

House Hears Testimony on VA Delays
Speaking to a House subcommittee, Jacob Gadd of The American Legion's Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division said the Veterans Business Administration needs to speed up its process of appointing fiduciaries to handle the finances of veterans who are mentally incapable of managing their own benefits. More

Veteran GI Bill User's Guide
GI Bill benefits can be hard to understand, but the following guide will help you cut through the confusion and access the Montgomery GI Bill benefits you deserve. More Celebrates 10 Years of Service is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by saluting the military community. Visit our 10 Year Anniversary Page to see some of our most popular content over the last decade. More

Register for Free Military Career Fair Today Career Expo is coming to St Louis, Mo. on May 11, 2010. This event will feature top employers seeking the valuable skills you learned in service to your country. More

Battle of the Rifle Grips: Grauer IGRS
When Ward and I attended the ITI tactical shooting course a few weeks ago, instructor Brandon Wright, taught us a new way to grip the rifle with our support hand by canting our wrists and throwing the thumb over the barrel. More

Next-Gen Coastal Artillery
Above, an Iranian produced version of the C-802 anti-ship missile, concealed inside a commercial truck, from Iran's Great Prophet 5 military exercises. More

GI Film Festival -- Buy Tickets Now
The Fourth Annual GI Film Festival, which will be held May 11-16 in Washington, DC, just announced its line-up for 2010 and tickets are now on sale. More

Doolittle Raiders Reunite
Four of the remaining eight famed Doolittle Raiders, known for their nearly impossible bombing raid on Japan, reunited recently for their 68th years at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. More

National Resource Directory Updated
The National Resource Directory redesigned and enhanced its website at More

New WWII Documentary
WW2 Reflections released its second documentary in a planned trilogy of works that chronicle the major battles fought by U.S. troops in Western Europe during World War II. More

Apply to Adopt a Military Working Dog
After completing their service, some military working dogs are made available for adoption. The adoption law gives priority to their handlers, then to civilian law enforcement agencies and finally to the general public. More

VA Loan Limits for 2010
The 2010 VA home loan limits are out and many locations will remain at the 2009 levels. More More Support for Small BusinessDepartment of Veterans Affairs (VA) Secretary Eric Shinseki recently pledged VA support for President Obama's efforts to remove barriers to access for Veteran-owned small businesses. More

Pension for Veterans
The VA's Improved Non-Service Connected Pension is designed to supplement the income of wartime disabled Veterans, and Veterans 65 and over who had to give up career opportunities while they served their country during war. More

VA Addresses Veteran Suicides
With more than 6,000 veterans committing suicide every year, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is redoubling its outreach to veterans and promoting the toll-free suicide-prevention hotline, which is the Suicide Prevention Lifeline. More

VA Awards Projects
The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) awarded $20.2 million to install solar energy systems at 18 VA medical centers. More

VA Looks at Going Green
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently completed studies evaluating the potential use of renewable fuels in energy plants supplying 38 VA medical centers around the country. More

Gulf War Veterans Urged to Seek Care
Gulf War veterans with medical symptoms should seek treatment through the Department of Veterans Affairs in light of a recent study that says Gulf War service is a cause of post-traumatic stress disorder, a senior Military Health System official said recently. More

Wal-Mart Grants $500K for Green Jobs
The Wal-Mart Foundation issued a grant of $500,000 to help Veterans Green Jobs, a Colorado nonprofit organization, boost its job creation and training programs in the green jobs field. More

VA's List of Yellow Ribbon Schools
The VA posted its initial list of schools which will be participating in the Yellow Ribbon program for the 2010 - 2011 school year. More

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