August 2, 2010

News From the Front: 08/02/2010 - Afghanistan

News From the Front

[Ed Note: I'm doing something a little different this month, as each section of the standard From the Front post will be it's own post. This is the news post where you can find news articles related to Afghanistan.]

Petraeus Resets Afghan Airstrike Rules - U.S. commanders in Afghanistan have eased a rule covering the use of force that has been a source of discontent among American troops, according to military officials. (READ MORE)

Dutch become first NATO member to quit Afghanistan - The Netherlands became the first NATO country to end its combat mission in Afghanistan, drawing the curtain Sunday on a four-year operation that was deeply unpopular at home and even brought down a Dutch government. (READ MORE)

Planned Afghanistan drawdown a sensitive issue - Less than a year from the scheduled start of withdrawing some troops from Afghanistan, opinions remain varied about exactly what will happen when the transition begins at the end of June 2011. (READ MORE)

Roadside bomb kills six civilians in Afghanistan - Six civilians were killed on Sunday by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan’s southern Kandahar province, an official said, as civilian casualties continued to mount amid an increase in violence by insurgents. (READ MORE)

U.S. Cleared in Afghan Crash That Led to Rioting - The Kabul police have cleared a United States Embassy vehicle of fault for a deadly collision on Friday that set off anti-American rioting near the embassy, a senior police official said Sunday. (READ MORE)

US officials say war goals modest in Afghanistan - As the war in Afghanistan faces a loss of public and congressional support and U.S. casualties rise sharply, the Obama administration is painting its goals for the war as humble and achievable while warning there is no quick fix. (READ MORE)

Petraeus issues Afghan guidelines - General David Petraeus, the newly-installed commander of US and Nato forces in Afghanistan, has issued a set of guidelines for how the war there should be run. (READ MORE)

Latest Civilian Casualties In Afghanistan Mark Difficult Road Ahead - Abdul Ghaffar is a living portrait of the misery that has befallen a people caught in the crossfire of war. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan minibus bombing kills 6 - A minibus full of civilians struck a roadside bomb in southern Afghanistan early Sunday, and Afghan officials said six people on board were killed. (READ MORE)

UK troops find 'bomb factory' in Afghan operation - The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has said that the British troops targeting a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan have found a cache of bomb-making equipment. (READ MORE)

'Flash floods kill at least 65 in Afghanistan' - Flash floods in Afghanistan have killed at least 65 people and affected more than 1,000 families, the national disaster authority chief told AFP Saturday. (READ MORE)

British troops continue Afghanistan push - Soldiers faced more gunfire from militants as they moved into a walled compound around a mile from the town in the Nad-I-Ali district of Helmand. (READ MORE)

Haqqani Commander Captured, Several Insurgents Killed in Paktiya Yesterday - An Afghan and coalition security force killed several insurgents and captured a Haqqani Network commander in Paktiya yesterday. (READ MORE)

Kandahar Hospital Fills Blood Supplies Before Ramadan - Lying on plywood tables serving as makeshift hospital beds, 62 Afghan National Police recruits from Training Support Site Costell rolled up their sleeves to help Afghans injured during the upcoming month. (READ MORE)

Taliban Use Mosque to Hide Weapons Cache - Afghan National Army soldiers, partnered with U.S. Special Operations Forces, uncovered multiple weapons caches in eastern Zabul province Saturday. (READ MORE)

Brits And Afghans Fight To Clear Rebel Base - A new offensive involving hundreds of British and Afghan troops is taking place in southern Afghanistan to try to clear a Taliban stronghold. (READ MORE)

Afghan Children Killed by Insurgent IED - Five Afghan children were killed and one Afghan National Police member was injured when a suicide bomber using a vehicle borne improvised explosive device attempted to attack the governor of the Dand district in Kandahar province. (READ MORE)

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