August 2, 2010

News From the Front: 08/02/2010 - Iraq

News From the Front

[Ed Note: I'm doing something a little different this month, as each section of the standard From the Front post will be it's own post. This is the news post where you can find news articles related to Iraq.]

Electricity: Iraq’s Other Power Vacuum - It was April 2003, and American battle tanks had just punched through into central Baghdad. A safe distance behind came the first post-invasion American bureaucracy, the Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (ORHA). (READ MORE)

US, Iraqi Security Forces Open Refurbished School - Nearly three years ago, one of the largest operations of “The Surge” in Iraq took place as coalition forces launched Operation Phantom Thunder against insurgents operating throughout the country. (READ MORE)

Hawaii Unit Arrives to Iraq to Advise, Assist - The flag hung in all its glory, decorated with countless streamers for battles fought and unit citations. As the flag was lowered, two sets of hands reached for it, rolled it up, and secured the streamers tightly against the flagpole. (READ MORE)

Only You Can Prevent Desert Fires - A recent fire at Camp Liberty resulted in approximately $650,000 in damage, according to the latest estimate by Task Force Safe, an organization specializing in prevention, inspection and investigation of fires. (READ MORE)

Iraq's July Death Toll Highest In 2 Years - Iraqi officials say July was the deadliest month in Iraq in more than two years. (READ MORE)

Deadly assault exposes Iraq's delicate state of security - Insurgents briefly raised the black flag of Al Qaeda in Iraq over a mostly Sunni neighborhood of Baghdad on Thursday during a brazen assault that killed 16 people and laid bare Iraq's fragility as the withdrawal of U.S. troops accelerates and the country's political crisis deepens. (READ MORE)

Iraqis don't expect political impasse to be resolved by fall - Nearly five months after disputed parliamentary elections, leading Iraqi politicians say they have all but abandoned hope of resolving an impasse over forming a new government before fall. (READ MORE)

In Iraq, an impasse as U.S. troops draw down - With less than a month to go before the U.S. military completes its drawdown to 50,000 troops and political negotiations still deadlocked, it now seems all but certain that the American combat mission here will end without an elected Iraqi government in place. (READ MORE)

Shiite bloc suspends talks, undermining Maliki's chances to remain Iraq's leader - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's chances of keeping his job suffered a setback Sunday when a coalition of Shiite parties that appeared to represent his best hope of staying in office broke off talks with his slate. (READ MORE)

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