August 3, 2010

News From the Front: 08/03/2010 - Afghanistan

Gates hints at US ground force strikes against extremists holed up in Pak - Expressing concerns over the leakage of the Afghan war's classified documents, which nailed the Inter Services Intelligence' (ISI) links with the Taliban, US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates has hinted towards a military offensive inside Pakistan's geographical territory. (READ MORE)

UN removes 10 Taliban from terror list - A United Nations panel on Monday removed 10 Taliban along with 35 al-Qaeda members and affiliates from its sanctions terror list after its first exhaustive review of 488 blacklisted names. (READ MORE)

Seizure of Taliban’s stronghold 'significant' - British forces made a “significant gain” yesterday by seizing the last Taliban stronghold in an area of southern Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Afghan escapees 'heading to Australia' - A MANHUNT has been launched in Malaysia for 20 Afghan migrants who fled a detention centre and may be planning to travel illicitly to Australia, police said today. (READ MORE)

'WikiLeaks will make intelligence gathering in Afghan harder' - The release of voluminous classified documents on Afghan war by whistle-blower website WikiLeaks last week will make intelligence gathering in that war-torn country much harder, a former CIA official has said. (READ MORE)

Rosary beads save British soldier from Afghan landmine - A British soldier was saved by his rosary beads in Afghanistan when he stooped to pick them up and saw that he was next to a landmine. It was strikingly similar to his great grandfather's experience who escaped a blast when he picked up his fallen rosary beads. (READ MORE)

Afghan escapees 'heading for Australia' - A manhunt has been launched in Malaysia for 20 Afghan migrants who fled a detention centre and may be planning to travel illicitly to Australia, police say. (READ MORE)

Hamid Karzai: The Right Partner? - Katie Couric spoke to Zuma Coursen-Neff, deputy director of the Children's Rights Division at Human Rights Watch, about whether Hamid Karzai is the right partner to move women's rights forward. (READ MORE)

Taliban Suspends Attacks In Flood-Hit Areas Of Pakistan - The Pakistan Taliban is reported to have announced Monday a temporary suspension in attacks in areas in the country's northwest hit by the worst floods in eight decades that has claimed more than 1500 lives. (READ MORE)

Reducing Afghan civilian deaths has benefited troop safety, study shows - Efforts to reduce civilian casualties by restricting U.S. airstrikes and other uses of force in Afghanistan are also sparing American troops from attack, according to a new study. (READ MORE)

Suicide attack kills 6 children in southern Afghanistan - A suicide car bomber blew himself up next to a police truck bringing a southern Afghan official to work early Monday, killing six children nearby, officials said. (READ MORE)

Taliban seeks vengeance on Afghans named in WikiLeaks documents - The Taliban has already begun to retaliate against Afghan collaborators named in more than 90,000 secret U.S. files released by a whistleblower website, Newsweek reported Monday. (READ MORE)

Taliban flee to desert as Nato storms stronghold - British troops in Afghanistan yesterday entered an insurgent stronghold targeted in a major Nato offensive unopposed after Taliban fighters abandoned their defensive positions. (READ MORE)

Air strike leaves several dead - Several people were killed and wounded during clashes and air strike last night in Nad Ali district of southern Helmand province where ISAF forces launched operation against Taliban two days back, sources said Monday. (READ MORE)

France pledges $ 6.5m for farming cooperatives - The French government agreed to provide 6.5 million ($8.5m) to help set up orchard owners' cooperatives in Afghanistan, officials said. (READ MORE)

Six guards beheaded in Afghan bank robbery - Six private security guards were poisoned and then beheaded in northern Afghanistan during a bank robbery, a police spokesman said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

UN drops 35 Al-Qaeda, 10 Taliban members from terror blacklist - A United Nations (UN) panel has removed 35 Al-Qaeda and 10 Taliban members and affiliates from its sanctions terror list. (READ MORE)

Suicide bomber attacks southern Afghan base - A suicide bomber on foot detonated explosives outside the main foreign military base in Afghanistan's southern Kandahar on Tuesday, killing himself, but there were no reports of any other casualties, officials said. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan blast kills 6 children on their way to school - A suicide bomber who was apparently trying to assassinate a government official instead killed six children who were on their way to school Monday in volatile Kandahar province. (READ MORE)

Car Bomber Fails to Reach Afghan Governor, but Kills Children at Play - To residents of this farming village just outside the city of Kandahar on Monday, the erratic driver of a white Toyota Corolla appeared to be a learner, or possibly a drunk driver, swerving from one side of the highway to the other. (READ MORE)

6 guards beheaded in Afghan bank heist - Six Afghan private security guards were beheaded during a bank robbery in northern Afghanistan, police said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Protecting Afghan civilians a priority, Petraeus tells troops - General David Petraeus has ordered all Nato troops under his command in Afghanistan to pursue the enemy relentlessly, but also stressed the need to "reduce civilian casualties to an absolute minimum". (READ MORE)

In Kandahar, U.S. tries the lessons of Baghdad - This city is starting to feel a lot like Baghdad. Tall concrete blast walls, like those that surround the Green Zone, are seemingly everywhere. Checkpoints supervised by U.S. soldiers have been erected on all major roads leading into the city. (READ MORE)

Afghan, ISAF Coalition Forces Take Taliban Stronghold of Sayedebad in Southern Afghanistan - The Afghan National Army, in partnership with ISAF coalition forces, have seized and held the last Taliban stronghold of Sayedebad in southern Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Several IEDs Destroyed, Several Insurgents Killed in Clearing Operation in Kandahar - An Afghan and coalition security force destroyed a house-borne improvised explosive device and killed several insurgents in Kandahar province in an on-going deliberate clearing operation aimed at disrupting the Taliban's freedom of movement in Zharay District. (READ MORE)

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