August 4, 2010

News From the Front: 08/04/2010 - Afghanistan

New Taliban Code of Conduct … Not Matching Reality on the Ground - Despite Mullah Omar’s latest attempts to shape perceptions by releasing a revised code of conduct, insurgent violence continues to harm innocent civilians. (READ MORE)

Gen. Petraeus Issues Updated Tactical Directive, Emphasizes ‘Disciplined Use of Force’ - International Security Assistance Force Commander, Gen. David Petraeus has issued his updated Tactical Directive, providing guidance and intent for the use of force by ISAF and USFOR-A units operating in Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

NZ soldier dies in Afghanistan - Tributes have poured in from all quarters after New Zealand's first combat loss in the Afghanistan conflict. (READ MORE)

Taliban Attacks Key NATO Base In Afghanistan - Taliban militants carried out a futile attack on NATO's main base in southern Afghanistan on Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan's Ranks Of Civil Servants Under Siege - The Taliban have issued a new code of conduct ordering fighters to protect civilians — as long as they don't side with the Afghan government or NATO coalition. If they do, the punishment is death. (READ MORE)

Taliban issue new code of conduct - The Taliban have issued an updated code of conduct that urges fighters to avoid killing civilians, except for people working for coalition forces or the Afghan government. (READ MORE)

6 Poisoned, Stabbed in Afghanistan Bank Heist - Six Afghan private security guards were poisoned and fatally stabbed during a bank robbery in northern Afghanistan, police said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Afghan Checkpoints Key in Battle for Kandahar - In Afghanistan, the drive to push the Taliban out of the country's second-largest city has been called the make-or-break operation of the war. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan -- Civilians Caught in the Crossfire - U.S. soldiers sprint to a medical facility on base in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar, carrying a woman who has been badly injured by either shrapnel or weapon fire. (READ MORE)

Afghanistan court jails top government official for drug trade ties - The Primary Court for the Afghan Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTV) [official website] on Tuesday fined former Afghan police chief General Mohlem $14,000 and sentenced him to 10 years in prison for connections he was found to have with drug traffickers. (READ MORE)

France pledges 6.5m for farming cooperatives - The French government has agreed to provide 6.5 million ($8.5m) to help set up orchard owners' cooperatives in Afghanistan, officials said. (READ MORE)

Gunmen kill 3 in mosque - Unknown gunmen killed three people and wounded seven more inside a mosque in northern Takhar province, an official said Tuesday. (READ MORE)

Biometrics help separate good from bad in Afghanistan - "The iris won't lie," said Warrant Officer Sylvain Ledoux, as he provided a demonstration of how Canadian troops conducting combat operations in Kandahar are using a camera-sized, high-tech biometric device to record the data of suspected Taliban fighters. (READ MORE)

Insurgent squad attacks NATO base in Afghanistan - A squad of gunmen and suicide bombers mounted a ground attack Tuesday against the biggest NATO base in southern Afghanistan, the latest in a series of futile but attention-grabbing insurgent assaults on large, heavily fortified Western installations across Afghanistan. (READ MORE)

Taliban attempt attack on Kandahar air base - A group of Taliban insurgents launched an apparently unsuccessful attack on a major NATO base in Afghanistan Tuesday, according to international forces. (READ MORE)

UK troops in Afghanistan operation reach Saidabad - British troops entered Saidabad unopposed British troops targeting a Taliban stronghold in southern Afghanistan have entered the town of Saidabad. (READ MORE)

New Rules Stress G.I.s’ Limits in Afghan Fighting - Gen. David H. Petraeus is expected to issue new guidelines shortly on the use of force in Afghanistan that expand restrictions on artillery strikes and aerial bombardment but clarify that troops have the right to self-defense. (READ MORE)

Karzai and U.S. Clash Over Corruption - The U.S.-led coalition's new focus on rooting out corruption in the Afghan government has sparked a confrontation with President Hamid Karzai, who was incensed by last week's arrest of a senior aide and retaliated by ordering an investigation into the operations of a recently established anticorruption force. (READ MORE)

Afghan-led Force Detained Taliban IED Facilitator in Kandahar - ISAF confirmed today the capture of a major Taliban facilitator involved in the transportation of narcotics and munitions, including suicide improvised explosive device material, between Iran and southern Afghanistan, during an Afghan and coalition force operation in Kandahar province. (READ MORE)

Afghan president's advisor survives attack - A senior Afghan official Wednesday survived an attack in southern Afghanistan, but another explosion in the region killed five private security guards, officials said. (READ MORE)

Albania sends more troops to Afghanistan - Albania sent its third contingent of commando troops to Afghanistan on Tuesday (August 3rd). A total of 110 commandos will serve in Herat together with Italian military peacekeepers. (READ MORE)

Parliamentarian candidate survives attack, guard killed in N Afghanistan - Unknown armed men attacked a parliamentarian candidate Mohammad Yusuf Ghazanfar in Balkh province north of Afghanistan killing a guard and injuring three others on Wednesday. (READ MORE)

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