August 4, 2010

News From the Front: 08/04/2010 - Pakistan

Pakistan's leader says world losing Afghan war - The US-led coalition's battle against the Taliban has already been lost because of its failure to win over the Afghan people, Pakistan's president has warned before tough talks this week with Prime Minister David Cameron, who has accused the South Asian country of exporting terrorism. (READ MORE)

MQM accuses ANP of protecting Taliban F.P. Karachi Office - The Rabita Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has claimed that Taliban and terrorist elements are hiding in the areas which are under the influence of Awami National Party. (READ MORE)

Scope of disaster widens in Pakistan - More than 3 million people have been directly affected and more than 1,400 have been killed by floods in northwestern Pakistan's Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces, an aid group said Tuesday, citing officials. (READ MORE)

Pakistan warns of new flood threat - The Pakistani government has issued new flood warnings, as the number of people affected by what have been labelled the nation's worst floods in 80 years passes more than 3 million. (READ MORE)

Pakistan floods: third-largest dam at risk - Further rainfall and rising water levels threatened Pakistan's third-largest dam as relief officials warned that disease could become the biggest killer in the country's most destructive floods in more than 30 years. (READ MORE)

Mass evacuations as flood threatens to destroy dam - Rising water levels were last night threatening one of Pakistan's largest dams, forcing the authorities to evacuate more people even as raging floods surged south into the country's heartland, destroying communities and ruining livelihoods. (READ MORE)

Pakistan floods: Army defends rescue operation - The operation to rescue communities cut off by devastating floods in Pakistan is "almost complete", the army says. (READ MORE)

Jamaat-ud-Dawa, Islamists linked to India's Mumbai attack, offer aid - A militant Islamist group linked to the 2008 terrorist assault on Mumbai, India, is openly distributing aid to victims of the floods in northwest Pakistan, according to members of the group. (READ MORE)

Extra troops patrol Karachi after violence kills 62 - Additional security forces were deployed in Karachi after 13 more people were killed in political and ethnic violence. (READ MORE)

Political killing stokes tensions in Pakistan city - The ruling party in Pakistan's largest city accused its main political rival of supporting Islamist militants suspected of assassinating a party leader, further stoking tensions after 45 people died in a night of revenge attacks and arson. (READ MORE)

Twenty suspects being grilled in MPA murder case - Police backed by Rangers picked up some 100 suspects from different city areas in connection with the assassination of Muttahida Qaumi Movement lawmaker Syed Raza Haider and various arson attacks following the murder. (READ MORE)

18 more fake degrees - Eighteen more MNAs, MPAs and senators were found in possession of fake degrees on Tuesday. Sources said the out of the 18 fake degree holders two are senators, two are MNAs while fourteen are MPAs. (READ MORE)

Pakistan, floods "helping the Taliban" - The worst floods in Pakistan's history (more than 1,100 victims have been discovered and 27 thousand people in danger) could become a unique opportunity for Islamic extremists in the area. (READ MORE)

Assassination Sets Off Wave of Killings in Pakistani City - A wave of violence after the assassination of a senior politician on Monday has left at least 47 people dead in Pakistan’s largest city, the southern port of Karachi. (READ MORE)

Pakistan death toll rises after lawmaker's killing - At least 54 people were killed Tuesday and Wednesday in Karachi — Pakistan's commercial capital and largest city — when gunfire and arson erupted in revenge attacks after prominent lawmaker Raza Haider was assassinated. (READ MORE)

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