August 5, 2010

News from the Front: 08/05/2010 - Iraq

Drawdown Drives Reduced Demand for Medical Supplies Across Iraq - As U.S. forces continue the responsible drawdown across Iraq and the number of attacks continue to decrease, there has been a decline in demand for medical supplies across the theater which presents a unique challenge for medical logistics units. (READ MORE)

Power on the Water - The government of Iraq has been concentrating on providing basic necessities to its people while striving to maintain order and security. (READ MORE)

Iraqi Forces Arrest 3 Terrorism Suspects - Iraqi security forces arrested three suspects with ties to al-Qaida in Iraq in recent operations, military officials reported. (READ MORE)

Gunmen Storm Baghdad Money Exchange, Kill 3 - Gunmen stormed a Baghdad money exchange and killed three people Thursday, the latest in recent brash daylight attacks on banks, financial and trade centers in the Iraqi capital, many of which have been blamed on insurgents. (READ MORE)

U.N. Council Calls on Iraq to Form Government Soon - The Security Council called on Iraq on Wednesday to form a new government quickly after a U.N. envoy said delays were hurting its infrastructure and services and adding to uncertainty about its future. (READ MORE)

Iraqi forces lacking as U.S. military ends mission - When the U.S. ends its combat mission in Iraq this month, the nation's safety will be in the hands of its homegrown, American-trained security forces. (READ MORE)

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