August 5, 2010

News From the Front: 08/05/2010 - Pakistan

Pak school to rehabilitate boys recruited by Taliban - The painting is disturbing: raindrops shaped like bullets and branches intended to look like blood-soaked necks. The artist was a boy recruited by the Taliban to help kill Pakistani soldiers. (READ MORE)

Police Official Assassinated by Taliban in Pakistan - A suicide bomber wearing 20 pounds of explosives assassinated the prominent leader of a Pakistani security force and three other people on Wednesday afternoon at a busy intersection here in northwest Pakistan, security officials said. (READ MORE)

Assassination of key U.S. ally adds to Pakistan's crises - A Taliban suicide bomber assassinated a top-ranking Pakistani security official and key U.S. ally Wednesday, adding to a string of crises here that have raised alarm in recent days over whether the government can cope. (READ MORE)

Suicide bomber kills Pakistani police commander - A suicide bomb attack killed four people Wednesday in the northwest Pakistan city of Peshawar, including a top national police official who appeared to be the target of the blast. (READ MORE)

FC Commandant laid to rest - The funeral prayers of FC Commandant Sifwat Ghayur have been offered at the Police Lines in Peshawar. (READ MORE)

Devastating Pakistan floods sweep Punjab - After wrecking Pakistan's northwest, the worst floods in 80 years swept through the economically vital Punjab in a catastrophe that has raised doubts about President Asif Ali Zardari's fragile leadership. (READ MORE)

Hundreds flee Pakistan floods, as criticism grows - Flood survivors loaded down with possessions fled a growing deluge in Pakistan's most populous province Thursday as the government came under renewed criticism for its response to the worst monsoon rains in decades. (READ MORE)

US stresses aid to Pakistan, eyeing improved image - The Obama administration is stepping up emergency relief for victims of Pakistan's devastating floods, hoping generous aid will soften anti-American attitudes in a country seen as vital to defeating al-Qaida. (READ MORE)

Death toll rises as one more killed in Karachi - At least 31 more people were killed in Karachi on Wednesday as the city remained caught up in a vicious cycle of violence since the assassination of MQM lawmaker Raza Haider on Monday. (READ MORE)

Six wounded in mosque attack in violent Karachi - Six people were wounded when unidentified attackers hurled a grenade at a Karachi mosque during evening prayers on Wednesday, police said. (READ MORE)

Arrests of Islamists in Karachi may not actually signal crackdown - Police in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi have arrested dozens of alleged Islamist hardliners suspected in the assassination of a local political leader, according to reports. (READ MORE)

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