August 13, 2010

News from the Front: 08/13/2010 - Iraq

Get the Driver Out: Iraqi Political Satire in Song and Video - A scene from the YouTube video BAGHDAD – Iraq, 10 a.m. at the start of Ramadan and the temperature is already 99 degrees. It will go up a lot more over the monthlong season of fasting. (READ MORE)

U.S., Iraqi leaders bid farewell to last American combat brigade - Two Iraqi and three American Soldiers marched crisply across a parade field here to a display where their unit colors and their nations' flags flew in the wind. (READ MORE)

Ambassador Leaves Iraq With Much Still Unsettled - Christopher R. Hill, the ambassador to Iraq charged with reshaping the American role here, on Thursday ended his 16-month tenure in an anxious, unsettled country, with a military withdrawal afoot but a key task not done: the formation of a government that will inherit the country. (READ MORE)

Iraq Not Stalled by Political Impasse, Commander Says - Five months of political deadlock in forming a national government has not crippled the country, the top U.S. military commander in the Baghdad area said Wednesday. (READ MORE)

Analysis: Debate Grows Over Keeping Troops in Iraq - As the U.S. winds up combat operations in Iraq this month, a gap is widening between the militaries of both countries and their political masters over whether American soldiers should stay beyond the 2011 deadline for a complete U.S. troop withdrawal. (READ MORE)

Are The Iraqi Security Forces Ready Or Not? - With Washington determined to stick to its timetable for a pullout, an Iraqi general has called into question whether his troops are ready to defend Iraq against a stubborn insurgency and external threats. (READ MORE)

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